October 1, 2015

Adorable dinkies

Here is some adorable dinkies fashion for you. My head and tail are not dinkie, but my body is, so all the dinkie clothes work for me. You can get a dinkie avatar at Tiny Inc, in the vatar vendor, and this outfit (Dinkies-INDIAN SUMMER- Desert Sage Set) is there too, in a vendor by Kamasa upstairs (during posting of this, it is also in the "new" vendor upstairs). The hair (Dinkies Pixie Cut - Black) is by Designs by Isaura, who also has great outfits and other hairs for dinkies, tinies, rooU, and regular avatars.

And now what caused me to skip around squaaling today: Shoes for dinkies, a whole store of them! Visit Klobber at SOMA!

SOMA has some great classes for Photoshop, GIMP, PSP, Kanae, Qavimator, etc.

The PUB has nice seats and musical instruments.

There is a dinkie mall with items by different designers.

Tongue for dinkies! Old Wild West style items. A pumpkin hat for halloween. Gestures for dinkies etc. Behind these: hats for dinkies in steampunk style.

Cool hat with hair, dinkie outfits, MM-board! Behind these: jewellery, wings and poses.

Fandom things and ladylike fashion

Fun outfits and behind them cool vehicles and furniture etc

Furniture, builds and on the right my favorite steampunk bicycle for dinkies.

(Posted by Pieni)


  1. Oo, I just want to pick you up and squeak you! Nice informative article too :)

  2. Great article! Thank you very much. Huggies :)