February 26, 2016

Night to Remember

Outfit details:

Dress: Junbug: Phoebe, FLF
Hair: Elikatira: Marnie, Exclusives, FLF
Eyes: Song: Stellar, Lavender, Kawaii Project
Shoes: G&D Designs: Sandals, Rome, Violet, Method
Skin: Deluxe Body Factory: Kylie, Tan, 10L$ at TODA
Makeup: The Skinnery: Cristy Lipstick 8, gacha
Bracelet: Rebel Hope: Malibu Gold, free gift
Necklace: Lassitude & Ennui: Signature, black / gold, free giftNails: A:S:S: Metal dreams, free gift
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body, Lara
Shape: Alana

Pose: Add Me: FG1602CCB5-1, CCB 1st Anniversary Gift

Location: The Looking Glass

The New Raglan Shire Build

Raglan Shire sim merchants are being given tours to the new sim build, that will hopefully be in place this spring. Zayn Till recorded and posted the first information message with some details. If you are already a merchant on the sim, you get a first pick of stores. But there is plenty for everyone to do, when this opens. There is a studio, club, game areas, relaxing spots, etc. I got the chance to visit, on 19th of February, for a good few hours. I had been before, but only for a moment. I absolutely love all the details, funny ideas, the quality of the builds, already, and there is yet much to come. I took some pictures and got an ok from Zayn to post them. Enjoy!

(Posted by Pieni).

February 15, 2016

Art Fairy Tale

I like using art galleries as places for fashion shots, because I do not want to risk any art work security by straight shots of the works, but want to share these locations to promote them. I found this gallery through the Enchantment event. Visit The Lost Unicorn Gallery:  A Fantasy Art Fairy Tale, Ethereal.

Skin: Izzie's: Xanthe, Rosy DB, VIP Group Gift February 2016
Dress: Valentina E.: Jenna, gift
Shoes: Essenz: Glasgow, Sand, Valentines Gift (look for five hearts)
Nails: Alaskametro: Muse, On9 (Thanks Alaska!)
Hair: Doe: Truffle, Solid, Colors, The Fantasy Gacha
Eyes: Inkheart: Glass, Loneliness, Haunted Love Hunt (Thanks InkHeart)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body, Lara
Shape: Alana

Pose: Kirin: Maki 4, old FLF

February 11, 2016

The Cold Has Nothing On Me

I am Finnish.

Outfit details:

Eyes: Inkheart: Glass Eyes, Romance, Haunted Love Hunt (Thanks InkHeart!)
Underwear: Alaskametro: Basix, Alizarin, Facebook Gift
Nails: Alaskametro: Muse, On9 (Thanks Alaska!)
Outfit: AnaMarkova: Davia Chianti, Color Me
Shoes: Essenz: Rio de Janeiro, Flower, Old Enchanted Hunt
Skin: WoW: V2 Rebeckha Darktan, Old Group Luckyboard
Hair: Truth: Vanessa, reds, 50L$ Basics room

Pose: HelaMiyo: Dandy6, old pose fair dollarbie

Pet: MishMish & Amala: The Shadow Spy, Companion, C88 (Thanks Aime!)

Location: Field of dreams (found via Ziki Questi)