February 11, 2016

The Cold Has Nothing On Me

I am Finnish.

Outfit details:

Eyes: Inkheart: Glass Eyes, Romance, Haunted Love Hunt (Thanks InkHeart!)
Underwear: Alaskametro: Basix, Alizarin, Facebook Gift
Nails: Alaskametro: Muse, On9 (Thanks Alaska!)
Outfit: AnaMarkova: Davia Chianti, Color Me
Shoes: Essenz: Rio de Janeiro, Flower, Old Enchanted Hunt
Skin: WoW: V2 Rebeckha Darktan, Old Group Luckyboard
Hair: Truth: Vanessa, reds, 50L$ Basics room

Pose: HelaMiyo: Dandy6, old pose fair dollarbie

Pet: MishMish & Amala: The Shadow Spy, Companion, C88 (Thanks Aime!)

Location: Field of dreams (found via Ziki Questi)

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