Blog Policies

Thank you for your interest in our blog.

We blog about what is of interest to us in the virtual worlds.

We do not ask for free items but welcome them, of course.
We can not promise to blog everything that is sent to us.

If you wish to send us items for review, you need to include all the information needed for the blog post:

- Store name
- Store SLurl or at least LM
- If the product has a limited availability, add dates and information
- If the product is only available at a special location, include the SLurl or at least LM.
- If the product is later available in the mainstore, we are interested to know this.

Send to:

Alana Pyara: Women's / Unisex Fashion
Jensen Inglewood: Men's / Unisex Fashion
Pieni: Tiny/Dinkies/RooU Fashion

We are also interested in:

- Your events that are free to join and open for everyone (taking into account sim rating of course)
- Art, design, decor etc.
- Sim review requests and suggestions
- Home and garden items
- Building materials
- Nonprofits, charities and causes

Please note that any sponsorship method, be it donating free items or having your ad on our blog does not give you control over content on this blog.

Themes on this blog will remain general or moderate in rating, adult material may however be linked to with a warning of it being adult.

We do not blog about violent themes such as scars or bloody items. If you send us material pertaining to a roleplaying scenario, the location needs to be open to everyone, not just people participating in the roleplay (sim ratings are fine).

We will not support any type of biggotry. Sim ratings are fine, but if you have blocked a certain avatar type or limit what kind of players can participate in your events or get to your location, we need a good explanation for this before we even consider blogging it. If you ban people based on skin color, or because of sexual orientation or for similar reasons, we will not want anything to do with your business.

We absolutely frown upon any copybotting and related activities and will not accept any materials that are against Second Life TOS, or international laws. If you notice anything in our blog that breaks those rules, please contact us immediately and we will fix the mistake.

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