January 11, 2016

The Gathering by Bryn Oh

There is always the issue of how much to show of an exhibit. I spend a lot of time wondering, whether I should  just tell people to go take a look for themselves, like The Virtual Traveler did? I decided this time, that I want to share some of my experience, and make a little photo essay of sorts, within. So if you rather see the exhibit without spoilers, go visit it now, and then look at blogs to see, what others thought.  

(Words in captions under images are by me and form a poem).

Everywhere I go, I see the ruins of our love.

This is a more detailed look into The Gathering by Bryn Oh than I had in my earlier more fashion related post. I am a bit behind the schedule, as the exhibit started in December. The concept of the build is partly based on some pen and ink drawings that Bryn Oh made into 3D scenes. But to get that far you need to escape from some evil balls.

I get hit by it again, the loss of what we had.

You should accept the experience by Bryn Oh, when the sign prompts you at the start. There is a spot to try again, if you accidentally refuse it. It allows the balls to send you home, when they hit you. Some may find it annoying, but I think the risk adds to the story. And I recommend setting your windlight as instructed. It just makes it all look so much better.

We live our lives doing what we should never do.

Hop on the shiny balls that let you walk on walls. It takes a moment to get used to, but is fun in the end, and you find more things that way. If you would like a more detailed explanation of how everything works, read this great blog post by Ziki Questi.

Happiness reminds us that we really must be mad.

The atmosphere and story line of this exhibit were inspiring to me. Her stories are usually quite sad but I find hope in them, too. Things may be sad now but at least we had something special before. Maybe it means we can have other special things in the future.

I think you always saw me in a different light..

Immersiva is a perfect name for the sim, I feel like the story happens around me, but also partly comes from me. I wanted to start writing poems as a reply.

You could see me in a way no other person could.

Everyone experiences a Bryn Oh exhibit in their own way. This video I found in the comments of the destination guide entry shows quite a different route and mood than mine was. But that is the beauty of the exhibit. You can go in again and concentrate on something you had not before. You can go check out a specific spot over and over. Or just run from the balls with a friend. Your experience is up to you.

Sometimes I wished you did not have that sight.

Sophia Yates had yet another look at the exhibit in her video. And there is the introduction video by Bryn Oh herself, of course. It was released as a teaser before the exhibit opened. It is like a little movie. I love it.

You knew too much of me, more than lovers should.

As Kara Trapdoor hinted in her blog post about the exhibit, some of the most enjoyable features in Bryn Oh's exhibits are all the hidden little nooks with their own story and mood. I loved playing with the projectors, as Kara did. Runa the Wild Elf made a whole blog post about them

I had to walk away.
You know I really did.

As a builder I always marvel at the way these exhibits are set up. The use of terraforming with mesh, scripting tricks, plays with lighting and materials etc get me curious every time.

But leaving you behind, it felt like both of us were dead

Some people seem to always expect just the latest new techniques from Bryn Oh, but this I think distracts from what she is trying to do. The art.

Your trapped yourself my love
I thought the house that builds and destroys itself was very well made, but also fit the story. It started a whole conversation in my mind about how a house is not a home if the right people are not in it. 

Inara Pen remembered seeing the technique used (by Bryn Oh) in another exhibit. That is a common feature in Bryn Oh's work, you can find little worm holes of sort to her old work. 

Isolated you just hid.
In addition to recognizing techniques used before, you can find little hidden objects with links to her current and older video art, so keep an eye out for those.

And her videos and other works are well worth seeing. Over and over again.
And tied yourself with words that I had never even said.

Take time to see this exhibit. Go alone or with people you can relax with. Let the sounds and poems, and the flow of things, move you.

I realised in the end, I need to learn to fly.

This party of one is just too small for anyone but you.
I saw the strings that pull you and I knew I had to try.
I might burn myself or just as well my dreams, they might come true.

The party scene with the drawings of people trying to look fancy and amazing while someone crashes the fun made me think of this: Noel Coward - I went to a marvelous party.

Poses from sets including:
Vista AO's: Sensual Woman, Dangerous Girl
Infiniti: Contort - 5 Static Poses
Clemmm - Insomniac Pack
Basic avatar poses

(Posted by Alana)

January 3, 2016

The Gathering Frost

I went to see The Gathering by Bryn Oh, and I am so happy that I finally have a computer that lets me put the settings like she instructed. Just makes the whole experience better. Read the stuff at the landing before stepping in. I will need to go back again, soon. I did not want to spoil too much so you are just getting a strange shadowy background.

Outfit details:

Skin: Alaskametro: v2.2 skin, Rose 01, brunette, freckled (Thanks Alaska!)
Boots: Gauze &BP: The Page, Frost (Thanks Yukio!)
Eyes: Inkheart: Claud, Incognitus, Whos Who 2 Hunt (Thanks InkHeart!)
Nails: Inkheart: Xmas Manicure Set, Nails Maitreya HUD (Thanks InkHeart!)
Outfit: Zenith: Sweater dress with long scarf, Black, Fameshed
Hair: Barberyumyum: 69, brown, old FLF
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body, Lara
Shape: Alana
Pose: from the exhibit

Location: The Gathering by Bryn Oh, Immersiva
(Read and follow instructions for best experience).
Light: Region

(Posted by Alana)