October 10, 2016

July 31, 2016


Had to blog this cute dress by Daisy The Gator, there is another color here.

Dress: Gator's Gallery:  Boho Iguana Sunset Dress, 10L$ on MP
Eyes: Mesange: Labradorite, gift
Skin: DBF: Charlotte skin, Tan, TBBH6
Nails: Entice: Eye of the Tiger, luckyboard
Hair: Tram: F719, silver, group gift (free)
Ring: TDF's: Captivated, 60L WE
Shoes: Belle Epoque: Maitreya, Epiphany gift
Choker: Junbug: Crystal Acorn in Forest, Epiphany gift
Body: Maitreya: Mesh Body, Lara

Pose: Purple Poses: Bree 2, old C88 giftPet: Jian: Countryside Collies, Companion Pup Sable, Epiphany gacha

Location: Hazardous
Windlight: region, edited

July 29, 2016


Outfit details:

Skin: Belleza: Tessa, system, FLF
Tattoo: Silent Sparrow: A Desert Sublime, FLF
Eyes: Inkheart: Astral, Grass, A Midsummer Night's Dream 7 hunt
Hair: Truth: Etienne, gingers, old Indie Teepee
Bracelet: Oxide: Midsummer, old Indie Teepee gift
Nails: Alaskametro: InDTP 2016, Indie Teepee gift
Dress: Fashion World: Yasmin, cheapie HasTag
Body: Maitreya: Mesh Body, Lara
Pose: Way: Marcella, gift HasTag

Location: Sarawak
Windlight: region

July 28, 2016

Just Kitten

I love that BMI (Black Magnolia Imports) has mesh clothes in addition to their great textures. Go upstairs to find this shirt in several colors.

Outfit details:

Top: BMI: Sniff Catnip Sweater, Pink (Thanks Miss Mattie!)
Shoes: Slipper Orginals: Aloha Fair Gift!
Hair: Alice Project: Faye II, Basics, Hair fair gift
Choker: FD: Sweet Bow, Pink, Hair fair gift
Headwear: pr!tty: Kitty Ears, Hair fair gift
Pants: EmiC: Skinny Jeans, Pink, group gift
Nails: Rad Designz: Flower Trio, Around The Grid 4 Hunt
Eyes: Inkheart: Astral, Fantasy, A Midsummer Night's Dream 7 hunt
Skin: 7 Deadly Skins: DS Bonnie, TBBH6
Bracelet: Minimal: Barrow, Pink Gold, Epiphany gift
Glasses: Ama: Kitty, old SL13B Pink
Body: Maitreya: Mesh Body, Lara
Pose: EvoLove: Jaguar, old Gift Indie Teepee

Location: Skye Neist Point
Windlight: Places Paris

July 26, 2016


Outfit details:

Skin: Essences: Paris, light rose, blonde, Hello Tuesday
Hair: Magika: Bad Habit, group gift
Skirt: Emery: Barb Leather Skirt, Chesnut, Uber
Top: Tetra: Lace-up Wool Sweater, Camel, Uber
Shoes: N-core: Roxy 7, Choco, Epiphany, gacha
Hat: Wicca's Wardrobe: Batschkapp, Brown, Indie Teepee gift
Eyes: La Boheme: Tides, Titania 03, MND7 hunt 1L$
Nails: Alaskametro: Pride, Pulse. Fundraiser
Body: Maitreya: Mesh Body, Lara
Pet: Schadenfreude: Wild Little Baku Guardian, Origami, gacha

Location: Elysium City of Templemore
Windlight: Places Astryls Wild

July 23, 2016

All that jazz

Outfit details:

Dress: Siss Boom: Chantilly, black, 60L WE
Hair: Little Bones: Gem, Variety, Hair Fair
Skin: WoW Skins: 2016 Rumya, gift
Nails: Alaskametro: InDTP 2016, Indie Teepee gift
Hair: Truth: Gold Flower, Indie Teepee gift
Necklace: Izzie's: D Gem, gacha
Jewelry Set: AvaWay: Eva, White
Eyes: La Boheme: French Beige, Midtones Set 1, The Wash
Shoes: ChicChica: Natasha Croco, The Fantasy Collective SL13B gift
Body: Maitreya: Mesh Body, Lara

Pose: Purple Poses: Grace 2, The Dressing Room
Location: Branagh's Jazz - Romantic Jazz Club, formal dress code

Windlight: Annan Adored Red Moments

July 17, 2016

Veronica Jade

Outfit details:

Dress: Nylon Outfitters: Petticoat Dress, C88
Necklace/earrings: Emotions: Veronica, Hair fair gift
Hair: Shi: Valiant, Unisex, All, Hair fair gift
Shoes: N-Core: Karen, group gift
Skin: Lumae: Jewel 5, Amber, Cocoa, group gift
Eyes: Buzz: Glacier, Jade, gacha
Bracelet: ieQED: Eclectic 1, gacha, Kustom9
Body: Maitreya: Mesh Body, Lara

Pose: Purple Poses: Grace 4, The Dressing Room

Location: Sommergewitter
Windlight: region

July 12, 2016



Top: Meva: Harness, Brown, We<3RP
Pants: DE Designs: Arya Capri, Old Leather, We<3RP
Hair: Monso: My Hair, Sinbi, Red, C88
Skin: Lumae: Eirtae, Solaris, Bare Brow 1, group gift
Eyes: La Boheme: Wooded, Midtones Set 1, The Wash
Shoes: ChicChica: Iness Noir, Tres Chic SL13B gift
Necklace: Hilly Haalan: Tres Chick Birthday
Nails: Alaskametro: Inversion, Coral, gacha
Body: Maitreya: Mesh Body, Lara
Pose: Elephante: Rose 2, 4 Year Bday Subscriber Gift (they have a sale atm)
Location: Tarinfell, rp community
Windlight: (SS): Athmospheric 07:00b

July 7, 2016

Lost Dream

Outfit details:

Prop: Lost Dream: Carte 9 de pic, Swank gift
Jewelry: CW: Layka, Swank gift
Outfit: Luxe Paris: Yellow day, Swank gift
Nails: IP nails, Swank gift
Hair: Phoenix: Heather, Tres Chic SL13B gift
Shoes: Illi: Purple Sandals, Women, old Tres Chic gift
Eyes: La Boheme: Tides, Titania 06, MND7 hunt 1L$
Skin: Lumae: Jewel 5, Amber, Cocoa, group gift
Body: Maitreya: Mesh Body, Lara
Pose: Purple Poses: Bree 3, C88 gift
Location: The Tea Party, The Portal Park
Windlight: Region

July 6, 2016

Summer home


MishMish: Mini Summer Fridges & Decor, upcoming C88 (Thanks Aime!)
Floorplan: World plank map, C88 SL13B gift
Fancy Decor: Photo Holder, C88 SL13B gift
Nomad: Concrete Recliner and Table, C88 SL13B gift
Pilot: Minimalist Chandelier, Gold, C88 SL13B gift
What next: Iced Doughnuts, C88 SL13B gift
Haikei: Kustom9 SL13B Gift
Kalopsia: Cecilia's Heart, Iron, Kustom9 SL13B Gift
Zerkalo: The Antiques, Pillow, Kustom9 SL13B Gift
Apt B: SLB13 Frame 1 and 2, Kustom9 SL13B Gift
Apt B: Dalton Snake Plant, Crossroads gift
United InshCon: Wood table and chairs, Jackpot gift
House: Roost: Foxford Hill House

Windlight: own

July 5, 2016

At the Crossroads

Outfit details:

Outfit: Go!: Latifa, Turquoise, Crossroads
Skin: ISBJ: Tammi, Designer Showcase
Eyes: Mesange: Agathe, gift
Shoe: Fri.: Polly, Sandals, Kustom9 SL13B gifts
Hair: Tableau Vivant: Hatsuhi, Frizzy chic, C88 SL13B gift
Ring: Zenith: Boho, Flower, C88 SL13B gift
Necklace: Minimal: Crossroad necklace, female, Crossroads gift
Body: Maitreya: Mesh Body, Lara

Pose: Kirin: Sugar 1

Outfit details:

Dress: Designs by Isaura: Dinkies, Priyala, Teal
Jewelry: Designs by Isaura: Dinkies, Priyala
Hair: Designs by Isaura: Dinkies, Khaleesi, Black
Avatar mod info on the About us page.

Location: It all starts with a smile (found via Ziki Questi)
Windlight: Free's Sunset

July 1, 2016


Outfit details:

Shoes: Birth: Glam Heels 14., Vivid.Purple, The Guardians
Hair: Barberyumyum: 77, brown, FLF
Tattoo: Silentsparrow: Foxlove Set for FLF
Skin: Belleza: Eva, FLF
Skirt: Valentina E.: Helene, FLF
Ring: Plastik: Worshyp, Handful, The Fantasy Collective SL13B gift
Necklace: Luxe: Triangles, Gold, Kustom9 SL13B gifts
Top: The Little Bat: Ella, The Wash
Eyes: La Boheme: Ube, Midtones Set 2, The Wash
Body: Maitreya: Mesh Body, Lara
Feet: Slink: AvEnhance Mesh Feet, Female, High

Pose: Purple Poses: Bree 5, C88 gift

Location: Miyagawacho Hanamachi

June 27, 2016

Lakeside Daydream

Outfit details:

Shoes: Garbaggio: Daydream Pumps, Fantasy, C88 SL13B gift
Hair: Elua: Mao, Red, C88 SL13B gift
Ring: Kunst: Twisted nail, Kustom9 SL13B gifts
Choker: Eclat: Ari, Gold, Kustom9 SL13B gifts
Eyes: Arise: Sunny, brown, The Fantasy Collective SL13B gift
Skin: Lumae: Jewel 6, Cinnamon, Cocoa, Freck/Red Brow, group gift
Arm ring: Tabou: Missy, gold, Tres Chic SL13B gifts
Bag: Eclat: Flap Over Clutch, Tres Chic older gift
Dress: Evani: Penelopa overalls: beige, top: strawberry, Tres Chic older gift
Body: Maitreya: Mesh Body, Lara

Pose: Purple Poses: Bree 5, C88 gift

Pet: MishMish: Toco Toucan, Summerfest (Thanks Aime!)

Location: Lakeside

Windlight: Dusty

June 15, 2016


Outfit details:

Hair: Mithral: Basil, SL13B gift at Hairology
Dress: Senzafine: Josephine, Noir
Bracelet: Liziaah: Mesh Silver bracelet, Tres Chic gift old
Shoes: Fame Femme: Grace Sandals, Grey, Tres Chic gift old
Skin: Essences: Miyabi, Medium01
Eyes: Buzz: Faerie Eyes, Forrest
Body: Maitreya: Mesh Body, Lara

Pose: Double Take: Lazy Daisy, Sunflowers, all the things

Location: Bookstore / Library at Ville de Coeur

June 9, 2016

Koala tree

This new MishMish release for Collabor88 is so cute! I had already put up a picture of it on Facebook, and my friends really loved it. MishMish things are so cute, I never care if they fit the theme of my decor. I mean I can have one koala tree in my garden, by my (LAQ) Scandinavian Villa, can't I? There are companion versions with several different attachment options, as well.

(Thanks Aime!)

(Posted by Pieni)

May 7, 2016

Venus Adored Particle Show at Valaskala LEA 19

 Venus Adored particle show at Valaskala LEA 19 sim today Saturday 7th of May, 1pm SLT.
 Us the audience are part of the show. We sit in the middle of the explosion of colors.
Valaskala creators Instincta and Stem Van Helsinki (he is hovering over her head)

April 30, 2016

Visions of Hope 2016

Hope Haven is a place for cancer support group meetings, and they have a Relay for Life SL team called Hope Haven Heroes, which famously did a successful art auction last year as part of their charity effort. I blogged it at the time, and was happy to hear that there is one again, starting today.

Organized by Ricco Saenz and Randy Firebrand, Visions of Hope 2016 is a month long art auction and exhibit in benefit of the Relay for Life of SL. The opening party is today, Saturday 30th of April, at 4pm SLT. The bidding starts then, and runs until May 30th, after which the winners of each piece will be announced.

Sixteen artists have donated their works for the cause: Bijou, Boudicca Amat Ciottolina Xue, d-oo-b, Dru G. Eiren-Milneaux, Em Larsson, Hills, Inara Pey, Mareea Farrasco, Nikolai Warden, Proph, Pusher, Randy Firebrand, Ricco Saenz, Tomais Ashdene, Trinity Yazimoto and Ziki Questi.
If you wish to see more art by each of them, the blog post by Ricco Saenz lists their websites through each of the names.

PS. The sim is rated adult.

(Posted by Pieni)

April 27, 2016

Punky Girl

MayCreations has a tiny wing called Wild Bunneh's Gear. They make items for tinies and dinkies. And there is some for petites at the mainstore. I just ran into Maymay at her WBG store and she was setting up a new outfit I just had to have.

Here is the new dinkie outfit: Punky Girl 1
Hair is Woot hair for tinies, easy to resize with the script.
Boots are "Sock boots" without the legwarmers.

Check my avatar mod info from the "About us" page.

Bouncy castle: Lilliput Bounce Castle - Classic Fun

(Posted by Pieni)

April 24, 2016

"The Morning Brew for Coffee & Poetry" hosted by Angeljade Writer

"The Morning Brew for Coffee & Poetry" hosted by Angeljade Writer is a great live reading event I just stumbled upon for the first time and plan on attending in the future, when I can. They have been doing it since 2010, I so wish I had found it sooner. Visit the Vineyard Patio every Sunday 10am SLT. Love her reading poems, and the openness to everyone else, who might want to read in turn.

Angeljade Writer
Next stop: SpeakEasy & Gallery Rouge Open Mic Poetry Reading, Sundays 11am

(Posted by Pieni)

April 23, 2016

Literary Festival (LitFest) at Fantasy Faire

Creativity in Second Life is not just in the visual arts but for example literature, poetry, and voice acting, as well. This is some of the most interesting content at Fantasy Faire this year.
Literary Festival (LitFest) (22nd-30th April, 2016) offers a lot for a visitor: talks by authors, discussions, performances, writing sessions. Check out the schedule here.
These pictures were taken during the event by Cold Shot Play Readers, an open voice reading as part of the Shakespeare day. It started 11am and will continue until 1pm today Saturday 23rd.

Catch all of the events at OtherWorld.

(Posted by Pieni)

April 11, 2016

Windlight Spring 2016 Art Show April 11 to April 17, 2016

Make sure to visit the Windlight Spring 2016 Art Show this week (April 11 to April 17, 2016)! Some very talented artists are showcasing amazing art for just this limited time. Read more on their website here. The event schedule is here. In addition to 2D and 3D art there is going to be live performers, tribute concerts, storytelling, poetry, shopping, etc.

April 4, 2016

Fashion for dinkies, fox mod and cuteness for everyone

Outfit details: 

Dinkies Lace Shirt blue
Slim cargo pants blue
Snuggly cardigan dotty blue
Espadrilles white
Peacoat Red 
Rain booties pink dots

by Dinkie Boutique and Kitty Choo at Petit Village

Sensio Meowlbit, hunt gift by Schadenfreude at Ozimals and Friends at Munchkinland (I sized it down)
Hair: Ploom: Jinx, streaked, Indecisive
Pieni's avatar mod info here.
Ichigo cake hat white pack by Cubic Cherry at Kawaii PonPon

My friend Lala is a TWI Red fox and she has the Tuna mod by Doki (adult) at Kawaii Ponpon

DraGGy Mesh Gacha 2 by Sweet Lies at The Gathering gacha event (I sized it down)

Our Blog Intern Minie took this picture at The Gathering gacha event.

April 1, 2016

On a quest

Outfit details:

Shoes: MayCreations: Irresistible heels, black (Thanks Maymay!)
Jacket: Gabriel: Riders jacket female, Black, Cosmopolitan
Shorts: Blueberry: Milly, Maitreya/Belleza/Slink, Black, Mesh Body Addicts Bi-Monthly
Eyelashes: Sintiklia: Glam, black, Fair Play Birthday Gift
Skin: Lara Hurley: Violet, Group Gift
Bag: N-Uno: Leather Bags, fatpack, Shiny Shabby Anniversary Gift
Nails: La Boheme: Soiree, Skin Fair 2016 dollarbie
Eyes: A:S:S: Traveller, coffee brown, Gen-neutral
Socks: Ambrosia: Ribbon stockings, black, Slink&Maitreya, gift at CCB
Hair: Magika: Sudden
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body, Lara
Shape: AlanaPose: An lar: The Polly Mini Series, Two (m), The Liaison Collaborative gift

Location: The Bridge of Quests at Port of Sparquerry (by Haveit Neox) with art by Ziki Questi
Windlight: Region

(Posted by Alana)

March 21, 2016


I have been wanting to show you all these cute things for a while now. Only so much can fit in a picture, make sure to note that most of these packs have a lot of other stuff in them, too. The MishMish gacha items are very varied. You get avatars, headdresses, companions, rezzable animals etc. The Jian ducks come in male and female mallard color options, and white, same with ducklings.

Path and grass: MishMish: Path to Spring, Spring Grass, C88
Birds, birdhouse, deers, mole: MishMish: Spring Friends, The Arcade
Tree: Jian: Dryad Hideaway, We <3 RP
Bush: Jian: Hydrangea Bush
Ground: Jian: Floating Islands, Large
Duck and Duckling: Jian: Duck Family
Bird Bath: Jian: Yusri, Birdy (Robin)

(Posted by Pieni)

March 20, 2016


I had to check out Valaskala, the exhibit by Instincta and Stem van Helsinki. I was kind of just bouncing around jumping off the planets and things until I got down to the whale on the land level. The animation (Animlia) I used for the picture was in their single avatar pose tool diamond. I used region settings for windlight but added a bit of gamma to show you details of the outfit better. Check out this exhibit at LEA19 with the sounds on as they are a big part of the installation. (Pieni wrote about the exhibit on the Galleria Kakku blog).

Outfit details:

Hair: Mina: Stella Dip dye, VIP group gift (make sure you have the right group)
Eyes: Poetic Colors: Summer Sky, Beach Night, old gift
Shoes: E-Clipse: Meccano Heels, Black, On9
Skin: Lumae: Adore, Priestess, Tribal, DarkBrow
Outfit: Gabriel: Sweet Harness suit, Black, Kustom9
Nails: Zoz: Joy, Dark, Maitreya
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body, Lara
Shape: Alana
(Posted by Alana)

March 19, 2016

Magical Feeling

Outfit details:

Skin: Alaskametro: Kismet, Cacao, Hybrid, Skin fair (Thanks Alaska!)
Hair: Wasabi Pills: Poppy V2 Mesh, FLF
Eyes: Ikon: Triumph, Storm
Shoes: Fri: Lacey Flats, Pewter, The Liaison Collaborative gift
Dress: Sengoku: Hime 11 Urban M, 1L$, The Secret Affair
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body, Lara
Shape: Alana

Pose prop: Come Soon: The Sorceress, 5L$, The Secret Affair

Windlight: Alana Pyara: Magical Feeling

(Posted by Alana)

March 12, 2016

The exhibit by Maymay Matova and Miss Longtail at Gallery 24

Today I went to the opening of the exhibit by Maymay Matova and Miss Longtail at Gallery 24. The entertainment was provided by the talented Miss Longtail, who sang live, and DJ Story, who was playing some great tunes during her dj set. The party was fun as you can see from the pictures.

The exhibit, curated by Kayly Iali, is going to run through April, 2016. The two artists both make drawings and paintings that are full of color and whimsy. Their styles compliment each other but are different enough to make this a very eclectic and interesting showcase.

Both artists sell products with their art on them, in SL and in real life. Make sure to check out the notebooks on Maymay's table, they are cute for accessories or decor. And click the links on their info walls to find out where to see their stuff and how to buy some.

(Posted by Pieni)