July 6, 2016

Summer home


MishMish: Mini Summer Fridges & Decor, upcoming C88 (Thanks Aime!)
Floorplan: World plank map, C88 SL13B gift
Fancy Decor: Photo Holder, C88 SL13B gift
Nomad: Concrete Recliner and Table, C88 SL13B gift
Pilot: Minimalist Chandelier, Gold, C88 SL13B gift
What next: Iced Doughnuts, C88 SL13B gift
Haikei: Kustom9 SL13B Gift
Kalopsia: Cecilia's Heart, Iron, Kustom9 SL13B Gift
Zerkalo: The Antiques, Pillow, Kustom9 SL13B Gift
Apt B: SLB13 Frame 1 and 2, Kustom9 SL13B Gift
Apt B: Dalton Snake Plant, Crossroads gift
United InshCon: Wood table and chairs, Jackpot gift
House: Roost: Foxford Hill House

Windlight: own

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