June 28, 2014


I have a treat for you today. My dear friend Dru is an amazing photographer and agreed to take the photographs of today's outfit. Thank you so much, Dru.

Outfit details:

Shorts: Ingenue: Lucie, Noir, Summerfest
Skin: Glam Affair: Oakley, Asia 01, gacha 100L, Summerfest
Shoes: Fri: Sarah Sandals, Coal, for Slink Mid feet, Summerfest
Hair: Exile: After the Rain, Wild Fusion 2, Summerfest
Top: Teefy: Mia Mini Halter Tank Top, Black, Summerfest
Eyes: InkHeart:  Glimmer, Karma (Thanks InkHeart!)

Furniture: Art Dummy: Haven, cabana bed, Summerfest

Photographer and male model: Dru Eiren-Milneaux

(Posted by Alana Pyara)

June 23, 2014

Second Pride 2014

Second Pride is here once again. The festival started on June 20th and will run through 29th.

I took some pictures today on each of the three sims. But there is plenty more to see.

A good place to start is at the main headquarters sim. It is the one permanent sim, while the others are donated for the duration of the festival. If you were wondering, where the Second Pride board and membership meet, this is it. Check out the conference hall and the non-profit center.

While you are at the main sim, pop by the Harvey Milk museum or the new memorial chapel.
Jak and Marge are working hard during Pride.

The festival Art Gallery features excellent works by established SL artists. There are great works at the Sculpture Garden as well. More art can be found in some of the booths around the sims.

Make sure you go see the Stonewaill Inn Museum. It is right next to the East sim event area, so easy to find. I went to two events today. Spent some quality time dancing with Khar, Petr, Marge and everyone else that was in attendance.

I found riding my wearable bike a nice way to explore the sims and get from one event to another. You should go see the fun park, by the way. It has a lot of rides and attractions.
(My pride themed outfit is by Cute'N Crazy and the steampunk bike is from Pan's. The banana peel mustache is from Forever Tiny. Each of the items were made for dinkie avatars but these stores also have items for regular tinies.)
There are a lot of non profits with booths at the Second Pride. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled. There is a lot of good we can do by donating and participating. I also found at least one LBGT friendly church and two memorial spots, when looking around the shopping streets.
I set up a booth for the Rainbow Tinies, too. You will know it from afar as it has a big flashy paw print on the floor.
I of course had to check the café for cakes, being the Cake Fox. Did not see any but I did find some yummy looking pies. I liked seeing businesses around the sims supporting the LBGT community and being open minded. I also saw a historic themed avenue that those into roleplaying will enjoy.

A really clever surprise was the parade at the East sim. It is self rezzing and ongoing, so you can catch it whenever you wish during the pride week. The parade is a long one with floats appearing and dissappearing for quite a while, but I thought it was well worth the time. You can of course just watch some of it to get the idea.

I want to thank everyone who put their time and effort into making this a great festival, again. Happy pride!

(Posted by Pieni)

June 22, 2014

The Rest of The Way Together, exhibit at SL11B

So I sent this inworld to everyone I know, but you readers of the blog should consider yourselves invited, as well. I kept it simple this year. This is my third year of having an exhibit at the Second Life birthday event. The theme of the event this year is the future. My personal theme is quite mushy. I feel so lucky to have all my family and friends and so to me the future is about sharing the journey. Feel free to message me about how you like the exhibit. Leave me an offline if I am not inworld. Look around the SL11B sims, they are full of cool exhibits. And there is a hunt going with a huge amount of free gifts for you to collect! You have until 29th of June.

(Posted by Alana Pyara)

June 18, 2014

More Tamagatchas

Tiny Tama is a great source for tiny clothes and supplies. But they also have cool stuff for normal sized avatars, or biggies, as us tinies call them. A while back Tamagatchas were born. The first two had little pets and avatars. Now that I was walking around Raglan Shire I noticed another two Tamagatchas. They both have a new batch of cute pets in them. The pets are animated and attach on your shoulder. They should work for most avatar types with very little adjusting. Here are pictures of the store and each of the Tamagatchas. And in the last picture you can see a few examples of their tiny and biggie items.

(Posted by Pieni)

June 16, 2014

Silver Blue

Outfit details:

Skin: TheShe: Kelly 5, Make-up Style Pale2
Gown: The White Armory: Royal Court Gown Set, Regal, White, Group Gift
Eyes: Inkheart: Glimmer, Specials I, Silver Blu (Thanks InkHeart!)
Hair: Mina: Roos, Ombres 1.0, The Dressing Room

Pose: Kirin: Haru #3, old FLF

Location: H22O, KSA Atlantis: "Never run in the rain with your socks on"
(There is an issue with my graphics card driver and SL, so the location may look different than intended. My apologies). 

(Posted by Alana Pyara)

June 13, 2014


Outfit details:

Hair: Wasabi Pills: Sanna, Mesh, Crystal violet, current Fifty Linden Fridays
Camera: ANE: Vega Vintage Camera, Classic, Clean, current FLF
Shoes: Ingenue: Fiona Wedges, Slink Mid, Pearl, current FLF
Necklace: Mons: Choker, purple, current FLF
Dress: Valentina: Isabella, Petal, old FLF
Eyes: InkHeart: March, Orchid (Thanks InkHeart!)
Skin: 7 Deadly Skins: 04/18/14, Fab Free Headquarters freebie

Pet: MishMish: Narwhal Companion, current Collabor88, (Thanks Aime!)

Pose: Lalochezia & Gallimaufry: Keen, 2m, old FLF


Candlesticks: Balaclava: Seahorse, gold and silver, current Fifty Linden Fridays
Table: DIGS: Falmouth Coffee Table, White& Mahogany, current FLF
Plants: Lok's: Pencil Cup Plant Grouping, Cookie Jar 10L

June 12, 2014

Thigh gap is dangerous

I went to a fashion sales event in Second Life today and kept seeing images of women with huge breasts, huge bums and the thigh gap, that is now so trendy among young women, who encourage each other to lose weight in dangerous ways. It made me very sad to see so many stores perpetuating this dangerous phenomenon by their actions. It just feels cruel to do that, no matter why you do it. If you think "you need to give people what they want to sell things" is a good excuse, you need to think again.

I know that in Second Life we do not always look completely realistic. I am much taller in Second Life than many guys are in real life. I am skinny in my virtual form, even though in real life I have a full figure. People are allowed to look the way they want to, in SL we get that freedom of choice. The huge boobs and bums are just a matter of taste I guess and unrealistic on figures that otherwise have a tiny waist and thin neck, arms, legs, etc. If you had those in real life, you would not be able to get out of bed, if you were alive at all. But fine, people have their tastes. But when stores start to encourage dangerous behaviour that is a big threat to health in real life, such as the thigh gap phenomenon, I have to say something.

I probably have missed some stores that do this, and blogged their items unwittingly. But I promise that I will not knowingly buy from a store like that. Enough is enough! Young girls are comparing tips on how to get so skinny that their thighs do not touch. While some people may have this happen naturally due to heir normal body type being very skinny, most of us do not get this way by healthy living.

So I made this button. You are free to use it on your blog. I also found a very important link to use as the target of this button. It is a discussion about the thigh gap, the reasons why girls want to do it, and why it is dangerous. I hope you take a moment and watch the clip. Gives you something to think about even if you never were part of a dangerous body image movement. Have a good, and safe, real life, and a more thoughtful virtual one.

(Posted by Alana Pyara)

June 7, 2014

I am calling him Mikey

Outfit details:

Jeggings: KRC: Black-Grey, Fade, Mesh, Leather (Thanks RayeRaye)
Skin: WoW: Hilary, 10 L
Top: Girl Thursday: Leather halter
Hair: Alice Project: Namie, Summer Fun, Day 11, Lovely Pink, free today, 50L after
Eyes: InkHeart: Glimmer, Specials I, Proud (Thanks InkHeart)
Hands and feet: Slink: Womens Natural Barefeet, Mesh Hands Casual
Sandals: Ane: Desert, Leather, old The Chapter Four Birthday Group Gift

Pet: Alchemy: Doge, French bulldog, Hoodie, Black, gacha The Chapter Four

Location: Pure Heart Forest

June 6, 2014

Crazy Diamond

Outfit details:

Pet: MishMish: A Broccoli, current Fifty Linden Fridays (Thanks Aime!)
Top: Molichino: Naomi, current Fifty Linden Fridays
Hair: LaViere: Daisy  Ombre, current Fifty Linden Fridays
Skin: Belleza: Farah, current Fifty Linden Fridays
Eyes: Chus: Puppet Lens in Ice, old Funny Puppet Fair exclusive
High Tops: KRC: Pink, Spring, Gacha, old Funny Puppet Fair
Nails: ZOZ: Dazzeling Blue Polish Single, Slink, old Funny Puppet Fair
Skirt: LG K Collection: SP14 Changes Outfit, old The 100 Block Fashion Fair

Pose: Le Poppycock: Over the Moon, Shine On, old Funny Puppet Fair
Environmental settings: Alchemy Immortalis: Fog Lifting, Nacon's Lake Water

June 4, 2014

Sweater Weather

Outfit details:

Sandals: LePrimitif: Cutout, Brown, The Chapter Four
Outfit: Yulicie: Sweater Weather, Raccoon, The Chapter Four
Hair: Alice Project: Yuri, Summer Fun, Day 9, Lovely Red, free today, 50L after
Eyes: Alyce: Sugar, Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Skin: Al Vulo: EWa, Kinder Fairy, group gift

Pose and prop: Kirin: 1st Bday Gift 2

(Posted by Alana)

I knew that I would

Decor details:

Bottles: Second Spaces: Well-stocked Pantry, oils, The Arcade, gacha
Fridge: Lark: Mini-Polar, Aqua, The Arcade, gacha
Bed: Scarlet Creative: Carriage Day Bed, The Arcade, gacha
Pouncy cat: Culprit: MeoWoof Bouncy Gingereez, The Arcade, gacha
Settee: Tres Blah: Charmant, Eggshell, The Arcade, gacha
Box: Oh la la: Gift Wrap, Panda, The Arcade, gacha
Sign: Hideki: Feel Good, Neon Sign, The Arcade, gacha

(Posted by Pieni) 

June 3, 2014

You make the sun shine on me

Outfit details:

Dress: Indyra Originals: Catrice, Cosmopolitan Tuesday Sidewalk Sale
Bag: Zenith: Leather Handbag, Cherry, The Arcade, gacha
Hair: Clawtooth: Boardwalk Breeze prize 18, RARE, The Arcade, gacha
Heels: Ingenue: Jolie,  for Slink high feet, Wine, The Arcade, gacha
Fox tail and ears: Aisling: Goupil, Neutral /Pastel, The Arcade, gacha
Skin: The Skinnery: Chloe 6, champagne, The Arcade, gacha
Crown: O.M.E.N: My Fairytale, Queen of Hearts RARE, gacha

Pose: Adorkable: Nippy 5m

Location: Hayabusa Design, "Nature is an Art"

(Posted by Pieni)

Dragon Curves

Outfit details:

Hair: Alice Project, Summer Fun, Day 7, Lovely Pink, free today, 50L after
Eyes: ID: April Gift, Blue-Gray, free
Necklace: Izzie's: Panda
Bag: Tokame: Vox, Pink Black, The Chapter Four gacha
Dress: Tokame: Damara, Autumn, TCF Bday Group Gift
Shoes: Mango Cheeks: Melu Sandals, Lilac, TCF Bday Group Gift
Skin: YS&YS: Rachel, Princess, The Dressing Room Fusion
Hands and feet: Slink: Womens Natural Barefeet, Mesh Hands Casual

Pose: Lalochezia & Gallimaufry:Flex, 3, old FLF

Location: Dragon Curves, LEA26, by Mac Kanashimi

(Posted by Alana Pyara)