May 31, 2015

I have fainted from cuteness

 I went to my own private beach just to find it taken over by the cutest creatures I ever saw.
 These guys know how to enjoy life.
 I found myself joining them, even turning into one of them.
 They were very playful.
 But they also knew about safety and comfort.
One of them looked very deep in thought.

MishMish for The Arcade Gacha June round: Pygmy Hippos, L$50 per play
Includes rezzable items, companion, avatar and a mystery prize.
(Thanks Aime! I love these!)

(Sand textures by USC Textures)

May 14, 2015

Reality is Frequently Inaccurate

I have been making a lot of art posts lately. It's because I have been so inspired by Artwalk in Raglan Shire, and by the Hope Haven Heroes art auction, and many galleries I have been to. I am working on my own gallery and looking around for ideas on how to display things, for example.

I bumped into this amazing story about Whiskey Monday on The Drax Files and had to share it with you. This is exactly what SL art is for. Making connections, expressing self. Taking the art that is inside you and letting it flourish in ways we can not in real life, or in addition to our real life art works.

Whiskey Monday says a lot of things in the video that I connect with. I too have my battles with mental and physical illness in real life. My grandma was so much like her mother, always finding art in the world around her. She used to pick up pinecones and rocks to make art in her garden. Brought in a branch that looked interesting and put it somewhere to wait for an inspiration. She was always drawing or painting or making rugs at the local culture center. She was first an inspiration to my mother and then to me to be artistic in our own lives. So I felt like Whiskey and I had something in common as she talked about her mother.

I was moved by her art as well. I love her style. I can not believe I have not been following her more actively. I will fix that now. Instead of just admiring her pictures when someone I know likes them on Flickr, I am going try and actively experience her work. I love that I can do that. Virtual worlds make the world so much smaller, so much more accessible. While I have had my share of troubles in SL, too, all in all it has been a healing experience and hopefully will continue to be so. All these people we meet. Art, literature, seeing that others are experiencing things we are, while living maybe across the whole planet from us. As you can see, good art makes me reflect on my world. As it should.

Wanting to see Whiskey's art inworld, I went to see her exhibit Reality is Frequently Inaccurate at Remood United. These 2D SL photographs are breathtaking. I felt so lucky to have seen them, and to have been able to purchase some of them. I wish I had her eye for color and athmosphere. I could sit by these works of art all day dreaming. Now that I own some, I just might.

Interesting blog posts about the Drax Files episode:
Ciaran Laval
Inara Pey

And here it is, the video that made my day:

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May 11, 2015

Ciudades Heridas, by Orsini Tarantal

I came by a really wonderful exhibit called Ciudades Heridas, by Orsini Tarantal, Javier Escudero Cuervas-Mons by his real life name, from Canary Islands, Spain, at the Gallery 24, on the Tabula Rasa art sim. I  did not want to give up too much in my pictures from the gallery. The paintings are beautiful in all their devastating feelings of loss. They are about cities, and the people through whose whims they are being born and destroyed. I could spend hours looking at each of them. The opening of the exhibit was May 3rd and it will last through May and June. The gallery is curated by Kayly Iali, whose art is also present in this gallery and a couple others, to which you can find a tp by the door.

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May 9, 2015

Entertaining, beautiful, inspiring

Changhigh Trinity Sisters Fireshow of Light, Life and Love (Facebook) is always entertaining, beautiful, inspiring. But today we experienced an even more special show, as they had made this show especially for The Raglan Shire Art Walk.
Performers Yman Juran, Jennylynn Capalini and Melvin Starbrook move with the lights as if part of them. The narration and music by dj Manfred Hancroft works seamlessly with the performance. In the end audience was welcome on stage, which always gets a happy reaction from a tiny audience. I took pictures as much as I could on my old pc. Some particle effects may not appear as they were in these, but I hope you enjoy the pictures anyway. If you wish to use these somewhere, contact Pieni inworld, first.

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May 3, 2015

Hope Haven Heroes Gallery opening party

Hope Haven Heroes Gallery hosts an auction to benefit Relay for Life, as I said in my earlier blog post about it. Today May 3rd they had an opening party, with dj Culprit. As I am writing this they may still be there. The auction is open until May 31st in any case so you have plenty of time to make bids on the gorgeous art work. I took some pictures at the party, hope you enjoy them. Click for a closer look.

(My outfit is a new kimono with new geisha hair, by the super talented Isaura).

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