May 11, 2015

Ciudades Heridas, by Orsini Tarantal

I came by a really wonderful exhibit called Ciudades Heridas, by Orsini Tarantal, Javier Escudero Cuervas-Mons by his real life name, from Canary Islands, Spain, at the Gallery 24, on the Tabula Rasa art sim. I  did not want to give up too much in my pictures from the gallery. The paintings are beautiful in all their devastating feelings of loss. They are about cities, and the people through whose whims they are being born and destroyed. I could spend hours looking at each of them. The opening of the exhibit was May 3rd and it will last through May and June. The gallery is curated by Kayly Iali, whose art is also present in this gallery and a couple others, to which you can find a tp by the door.

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