May 3, 2015

Release The Tiny Two event at Fantasy Faire

Come Free The Tiny Two at Fantasy Faire Poppetsborough now, 9am SL time, Sunday 3rd. (Last day of Fantasy Faire, btw, so you should come over anyway to check out the pawsome sims, even if you missed this event).

Dramatic imprisoning of two key figures of our tiny community has prompted questions on da authority of da Fantasy faire pawlice and their minions. Da littering charges seem suspishus to say da least. Plus several of da pawlice have obvious fake mustaches.

Did our frilly panties designing cat Clover of Totally Tinies, and designer of both bad paw and pawlice segways and piles of other cool stuff otter Dru of Druscilla's Whim do it? Where ish da proof? Wot you think about da ebil ebil rule of no noms during prison sentence? Eek no cookies! No fair!

Donate donate donate, it is all for good cause, Relay for Life Second Life! And slip some waffles through the bars!

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