April 27, 2015

Clock of the castle shows Poppetsborough time

There are so many sims at Fantasy Faire, I can not blog them all. As a tiny I gravitated towards Poppetsborough Sponsored by Dandelion Daydream Factory, because they have some tinies and dinkies items in the stores. Plenty of lovely stuff for regular size avatars, too, furries and humans, fantasy characters,  gor.

I love the look of this sim. The builds look like they were made by using book pages for origami. Even the hidden river under the city has things for you to see. Here are pictures I took while visiting the sim, but you will see that there is a lot more beautiful stuff for you to discover.

Landing spot for the sim.
Clock of the castle shows Poppetsborough time.
The castle houses sponsor stores. And freebies!
Pan's games and fashion for tinies and dinkies by Peeps and Totally Tinies.

Many stores are like their own worlds inside the world of this sim.
A shop window frames the view
Between the houses runs a paper stream, with fishies, of course.
I could spent days here, watching the kites in the sky.
The choochoo train goes round and round
Talking to a family of ducks (my dress by Kamasa, shoes Tiny Inc.)
Sun is shining, the clouds flying
Fans of P. G. Wodehouse (1881–1975) appreciate Beeves, up for quiet auction.
If you did not yet get the pink dinkie avatar, this is a great opportunity, as it is a donation item by Tiny Inc. There is also a catnip lollipop sold for RFL at the Tiny Inc./Kamasa hut.
Origin story of the sim at the store of a hut.
Inside you can try out the Wishbringer "I love books!" set, sold at the castle.
Oops I fell in the trap hole!
By the hut door where the origin story is, you can also get a Free Mouse Guardian Pack.
Lauren Thibaud has fun dinkie items, such as the RFL grandma outfit.
Isaura's RFL items are for big avies, but there are tiny, dinkie and rooU fashions available as regular items.
(Posted By Pieni)

April 15, 2015

Kawaii and cake

Some of you know me as the Cake Fox. And of course a Cake Fox needs to have cake in her fancy castle. I was looking for a spot to show you these cute lamps by Mishmish and what better place for them than by the nommy cake machines by Kalopsia. The best part about the machines? They actually work! Your friends can compile the nommiest and best looking cakes and things and your party is a quaranteed success. The machines were given to me by a great friend, Tipsy.

The castle I got from someone very special to me, my SL uncle Dru. I feel like I have finally settled in and found my place in Second Life. This is the most beautiful building I have seen in the virtual worlds. The Rustica landmark takes you right to the castle, and I included one for the petite version, as well. Look at how lovely those windows are, imagine how great they are to look at when the light hits them just right.

Lamps: MishMish: Akemi, blue, pink, yellow, Kawaii Project, starts April 15th and runs for 3 weeks
Machines: Kalopsia: Jar Cake Maker, Cupcake Maker, Cake Pop Maker
Castle: Rustica: Maison de Maille (There is also a petite version here.)

(Posted by Pieni)

April 9, 2015


Outfit details:

Gown: Gauze & BluPrintz: Celestine, We <3 Role-Play (Thanks Yukio!)
Eyes: Inkheart: Peaceful, Heaven, Evil Bunny Hunt 5, GOOD (Thanks InkHeart!)
Skin: Izzie's: Romy  porcelain, VIP Group Gift April 2015 (250L$ join)
Hair: Emotions: Claudette, blonde pack, Cosmo Salesroom
Nail Appliers: Hello Dave: Below Stairs, Gacha
Boots: Pure Poison: Elle, Ankle Boots, Slink High
Hands and feet: Slink: AvEnhance Mesh Hands Casual, Feet, Female, High

Poses:  Lalochezia Poses & Gallimaufry: Oops 2m 1, old FLF

Location: The outer garden, by bisou (got idea from Happy Sigh) (Posted by Alana)

April 8, 2015

Punky Skunk

Outfit details:

Shoes: FIN: Dinkies Mary-Jane Shoes, Black
Jacket: Tiny Inc: Dinkies jacket
Dress: Kamasa: Dinkies BW Polkadot Lace Dress
Hair: Diva: Bambi, Type B, Onyx, group gift
Avatar info here.

Pet: MishMish: Punky Skunk, decor, backbag, pet, C88

April 7, 2015

City Inside Out" by Haveit Neox

I was given the information notecard of this exhibit, after a random conversation in a group chat, and I am so happy to have found it. You can also read about it in the artists's website. I am so in awe of the talent of the person who created all this, Haveit Neox. I recommend visiting the sim several times. Just landing at the start of the exhibit alone puts you in a whole new mind space. And the more you walk around the better it gets. It is like stepping inside a comic book, with a depth to the storyline that makes the beauty of the graphics even more touching. The Exhibit is part of the LEA Land Grant round eight.

"City Inside Out" by Haveit Neox. March - June, 2015"

Make sure to enter Raglan Shire ArtWalk 2015

Make sure to enter Raglan Shire ArtWalk 2015, which will be held in the Raglan Shire sim cluster May 3rd - 31st, 2015. All SL residents are welcome. The sim cluster is g-rated so that needs to be taken into account when visiting, and with what you showcase. You can show real life or Second Life art work or both. It can be images put on prim, or sculptures, or both. Registering ends Sunday, April 26th at 9 pm SLT. More information and the application.

April 2, 2015

Wot you mean Must be tall? Pfft.

You must check out !!The April Fools Town ... Frog-n-Cat Productions!! by Toady Nakamura, Flea and Cacia of Grendel's Children fame and Clover Dezno of Totally Tinies (and Dinkies). Sorry for posting this a day late, but really, it is well worth visiting, even if not on the exact date of April Fools. Toady tells me the town will likely be open at least until 21st of April.

I did not want to spoil anything, but as a tiny this sign made me say "pffft", so I decided it was the perfect opportunity for a photobombing of signage. As you can see, I am wearing my fox ninja turtle gear for protection. Fancy (dress, shoes and hair) meets cool (turtle bag!). I blogged the outfit already, and wear it a lot, as it is my paworite. I am certain it will keep me safe. (Eeek wot was that!? Nuuuuuu!!!)