April 27, 2015

Clock of the castle shows Poppetsborough time

There are so many sims at Fantasy Faire, I can not blog them all. As a tiny I gravitated towards Poppetsborough Sponsored by Dandelion Daydream Factory, because they have some tinies and dinkies items in the stores. Plenty of lovely stuff for regular size avatars, too, furries and humans, fantasy characters,  gor.

I love the look of this sim. The builds look like they were made by using book pages for origami. Even the hidden river under the city has things for you to see. Here are pictures I took while visiting the sim, but you will see that there is a lot more beautiful stuff for you to discover.

Landing spot for the sim.
Clock of the castle shows Poppetsborough time.
The castle houses sponsor stores. And freebies!
Pan's games and fashion for tinies and dinkies by Peeps and Totally Tinies.

Many stores are like their own worlds inside the world of this sim.
A shop window frames the view
Between the houses runs a paper stream, with fishies, of course.
I could spent days here, watching the kites in the sky.
The choochoo train goes round and round
Talking to a family of ducks (my dress by Kamasa, shoes Tiny Inc.)
Sun is shining, the clouds flying
Fans of P. G. Wodehouse (1881–1975) appreciate Beeves, up for quiet auction.
If you did not yet get the pink dinkie avatar, this is a great opportunity, as it is a donation item by Tiny Inc. There is also a catnip lollipop sold for RFL at the Tiny Inc./Kamasa hut.
Origin story of the sim at the store of a hut.
Inside you can try out the Wishbringer "I love books!" set, sold at the castle.
Oops I fell in the trap hole!
By the hut door where the origin story is, you can also get a Free Mouse Guardian Pack.
Lauren Thibaud has fun dinkie items, such as the RFL grandma outfit.
Isaura's RFL items are for big avies, but there are tiny, dinkie and rooU fashions available as regular items.
(Posted By Pieni)

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