April 2, 2015

Wot you mean Must be tall? Pfft.

You must check out !!The April Fools Town ... Frog-n-Cat Productions!! by Toady Nakamura, Flea and Cacia of Grendel's Children fame and Clover Dezno of Totally Tinies (and Dinkies). Sorry for posting this a day late, but really, it is well worth visiting, even if not on the exact date of April Fools. Toady tells me the town will likely be open at least until 21st of April.

I did not want to spoil anything, but as a tiny this sign made me say "pffft", so I decided it was the perfect opportunity for a photobombing of signage. As you can see, I am wearing my fox ninja turtle gear for protection. Fancy (dress, shoes and hair) meets cool (turtle bag!). I blogged the outfit already, and wear it a lot, as it is my paworite. I am certain it will keep me safe. (Eeek wot was that!? Nuuuuuu!!!)

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