April 15, 2015

Kawaii and cake

Some of you know me as the Cake Fox. And of course a Cake Fox needs to have cake in her fancy castle. I was looking for a spot to show you these cute lamps by Mishmish and what better place for them than by the nommy cake machines by Kalopsia. The best part about the machines? They actually work! Your friends can compile the nommiest and best looking cakes and things and your party is a quaranteed success. The machines were given to me by a great friend, Tipsy.

The castle I got from someone very special to me, my SL uncle Dru. I feel like I have finally settled in and found my place in Second Life. This is the most beautiful building I have seen in the virtual worlds. The Rustica landmark takes you right to the castle, and I included one for the petite version, as well. Look at how lovely those windows are, imagine how great they are to look at when the light hits them just right.

Lamps: MishMish: Akemi, blue, pink, yellow, Kawaii Project, starts April 15th and runs for 3 weeks
Machines: Kalopsia: Jar Cake Maker, Cupcake Maker, Cake Pop Maker
Castle: Rustica: Maison de Maille (There is also a petite version here.)

(Posted by Pieni)

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  1. Great post ladies! My niece would love to make these, thanks for a fun project idea.