December 24, 2015

At the very last minute

If you are like me, you do a lot of the Holiday stuff at the very last minute.
I usually end up doing something like the awesome DAD item from Christmas on 34th Street: Just going "fuck it" and leaving the lights tangled in a pile.
I will update details on where to get the stuff, when I have time, probably in several takes.

Have a lovely peaceful weekend.

Decor details:

Jian: Clingy White Kitten, gacha, Winter Gacha Festival
Jian: Taradha Lights, Winter Gift x3 Hanging
Hextraordinary: Fat White Squirrel Raider, RARE, gacha, The Mid Winter Fair
MishMish: Bunny/puppy in a box, baubles, carrot, bone, yarn, Christmas Ornaments, gacha, , O Tannebaum  (Thanks Aime!)
Schadenfreude: Cat, hedgehog, Catmas ornaments, gacha, O Tannebaum
Silent Sparrow: Owl, Felt bird ornaments, O Tannebaum
Silentsparrow: Felt Ornaments, Zilla, Pepper, Zilla, Snuggle
Vespertine: Dala horse, red 14, Thrift Store Ornaments, O Tannebaum
Botanical: Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree, O Tannebaum
Ohmai: Gold Star Topper, gacha, O Tannebaum
Ohmai: Pigpunzel Softtoy, gift at store
ANC LTD: Glass ornament with poses, gacha, O Tannebaum
Anc: Polar Stump Chair, We <3 RP gift
Tableau Vivant: Xmas flakes 1, We <3 RP gift
Fuubutsu Dou: Winter Stepping Stones, We <3 RP gift
Broken Style: Snow Queen Music Box Globe
MayCreations/Wild Bunneh Gear: Flower blue, Xmas Ornament Gacha, hand drawn illustrations!
Half Deer: Stringlight Clutter, Fifty Linden Fridays (old)
Half-Deer: Cozy Cat (if I fits, I sits), Brown Tabby, C88
Nomad: Scandinavian Cottage,Yellow, C88
Silentsparrow: Felt Ornaments, Zilla, Bright, Fifty Linden Fridays (old)
Christmas on 34th Street
Apple Fall: Farrow Wall Kit, Seasonal, group gift at Wayward Market
Wayward Events: 2015 VIP Ornament, Red, group gift at Wayward Market
Hive: Snowflake sign, group gift at Wayward Market
Newchurch: Christmas Driftwood Tealights
Alouette: Christmas Deer Ornament, The Arcade 2014 Gift
Zerkalo: Christmas Ornament, Arcade Christmas Gift 2015
Atomic: Into The Woods, Critter Pillow 2, Tree Stump Seat, gacha, The Arcade
What Next: Flakey the Snowman, Black Winter Mailbox, Home For The Holidays, gacha, The Arcade
D-lab: Lizail Piccoli Dolls, gacha, The Arcade
The Secret Store: Winter Foxes, Gift (name of item, not a free gift), White, gacha, The Arcade
Xin: Shiki husky (baby it's cold outside), gacha, The Arcade
Omen: Waiting for Santa Paws: Dream Pup, RARE
unKindness: Yarn Puff Holiday Wreath
Balaclava: Happy Get Lucky Ornament, Red
Nefarious Inventions: Gothic Ornaments #8, #5
Boudoir: Christmas Berries Door Wreath
Floorplan: Minimalist Tree, The Chapter Four
Silvery K.: Christmas tree, Mesh_C, White, Creator's Collection Box
The Loft: Geometric Garland
Tool Shed EXT: Twinkle Tree, Square, Cosmopolitan
Razzberry Inc.: Lighted Branches, Silver

Windlight: Phototools: Angles Light 01

(Posted by Pieni)

December 19, 2015

Thank you

Thank you all for a great year 2015!

Outfit details:


Eyes: Mayfly: Luminous, Mesh, Olive Hazel Shadow, Wayward Events Group Gift
Hair: EnVogue: Beatrice, Ombre, old C88
Gown: Just Darling: Yule Gown, Red, The Instruments
Skin: Belleza: Ria SK, Makeup 2 Bl, Red Lip, old FLF
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body, Lara


Gown: Designs by Isaura: Dinkies Mrs Santa
Hair: Lamb: Baby Blue
Tail: Sinful Needs: SN Mesh Tail, Fluffy, Bare v1,00b
Head: CABS: Black fox tiny avatar
Body:  Tiny Inc.: 5 Dinkies black kitty mesh avatar
Jaw: Kinzart Kreetures: kzk_fox_shblack


Boots: Giomen: Boots Red
Jacket: K: Casual Jacket Homme Red
Pants: K: Loose Fit Skinny Homme Red
Eyes: Adjunct: N&O, Forrest
Skin: Egoisme: Evian, Luca Medium Skin
Mesh body: The Mesh Project (BETA) Deluxe Body
Shape: By Jensen


Exposeur: Trying To Hold On
oOo Studio: Rainy: Four

December 16, 2015

Cold as Ice

You can wear the dress without the mantel, if you need to be able to move your arms. The mantel for me at least worked more as a pose prop. I really love the hand and feet appliers by Fallen Inc. Both are gifts! They had several options for types of appliers etc, too. I will try to take a picture for another post with the feet showing. This time I opted on a closer look of the top of the body. I have been finding amazing gifts at different events, and will try to show as many as I can, soon.

Outfit details:

Mantle and dress: Sys: Hermine, white, On9
Hair: Amacci: Natia, Variants Pack, On9
Skin: Pumec: Katie, Drow, Black Brows, We <3 RP gift
Crown: Runaway: Ice queen, Hard, We <3 RP gift
Teardrop: Enfant Terrible: Emma`s Halo Teardrop, We <3 RP gift
Hand/arm appliers: Fallen Gods: Winter Touch, We <3 RP gift
Fallen Gods Inc.: Winter Touch, Feet, gift (under tree at the store)
Bangles: MacMoragh and Muse Gift Bag at Fallen Gods
Earrings, bracelet: Rebel Hope: Malibu, free
Eyes: Inkheart: Glass, Wind, Advent gift 2 (Thanks InkHeart!)
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body, Lara
Pose: Purple Poses: Rachel 02, old C88

Location: Winter Sim @ Kalamata
Windlight: Annan Adored Red Moments

(Posted by Alana)

December 13, 2015

I could smell the fresh snow

I was lucky enough to get some quality time with my SL uncle Jak Calcutt this Sunday, and he gave me a tour of the Second Pride sim with the amazing new winter decor! It looks so gorgeous, and the atmosphere is just right. I felt like I could smell the fresh snow.

At the landing place there is a big ice rink for skating and parties. Check out the new gallery with the non-profit spaces! You can see the festival globe from here, the big structure with a rotating Christmas tree inside. Look around, there is plenty to see!

Hop on the merry-go-round by the landing, or walk over to the trolley, which will take you on a tour of the sim. It stops at some major landmarks worth seeing.

While on our way to the Santa's village, we came by St.Nicholas and some familiar faces. Uncle Jak said it was difficult to tell me and the other foxes apart.

When we got to Santa, me and him had a serious talk. He promised not to make me sing to him on Christmas eve, like he often has done in Finland to innocent creatures like foxes and small human children. He wanted something in return, so I promised not to bite him this time and to try and avoid hiding under the table when he asks, whether or not I have been a good fox. We shook paws and mittens and I went on my way.

Then Uncle Jak took me to a surprising place! There is a whole Japanese garden on the sim! Once you walk through the gate, you feel, like you are stepping into a magical world of it's own.

Swans and ducks swim in the pond. You can feed the ducks by clicking the feeder box. There are also frogs that leap around on some lotus leaves. And fittingly the dance floor meant for parties is actually made of huge lotus leaves!

Did you notice the shape the stepping stones are lined up in? They mimic the formation a flock of geese flies in, and hence the path is called the "Flying Geese Bridge".

In the middle of the pond, you find yourself on some big rocks deep in thought. An old tree bends it's neck over you. This is a temple for protection and safety.

If you are aware of how traditional Japanese Gardens are built, you will notice that this one is made as authentic as possible. So much research went into the making of this special space, where you feel like everything is the way it should be. Someone has made lines on the sand, like a meditation.

There is a little tea room set up for a traditional ceremony. Make sure to note the moss garden and the old bonsai trees, by the long fence, as well. Did you know that many Japanese gardens have something to remind you of Mount Fuji? Here the mound is for that purpose.

Back to the world outside the garden. In the Memorial Chapel you can light a candle for a loved one, and many people have done so. It is a beautiful space, where one may sit down and have a quiet moment to think about those we have lost. But the space is not too somber. You can think of the good things, too. Nice memories and the special people you shared them with. 

When you visit the Auditorium, you may find your first thought to be "wow". The colorful yet elegant, practical yet beautiful look of the space is really wonderful. Jak has been replacing the windows with glass blocks to give the space a new interesting feel. Speaking of replacing, he has also been retexturing some buildings with nice red bricks.

When walking around starts to make you tired, sit down in the gazebo for a hot chocolate and a chat. 

Here is a look over the whole sim. Even the sim surround is lovely.
Thanks for a great tour, Jak!

December 8, 2015

Toffees in a cup and a berry cake

This morning I heard the strangest sound
Of shuffling paws and birds flying around
It was doves and foxes having a break
With toffees in a cup and a berry cake.
And cousins of the four foxes red
Sleeping safely in their a fallen tree bed.

Jian: Red Fox Family,  We<3rp 
Jian: Fox's Fallen Tree, gift at We<3rp
Dust Bunny: Berry cake, Arcade gift 2015

Anc: No Limits: Flying doves, egg-yellow, gacha at Tannebaum
Atomic: Holiday Treats: Toffee Giver, gacha at Tannebaum

(Posted by Pieni)

December 7, 2015

After The Storm

Outfit details:

Outfit: Severed Garden: Mineko Set 2, new
Hair: Mina: Elin, Ombres
Nailpolish: Alaskametro: Neon Wave, Free Dove Hunt
Skin: WoW: Anika, Bronze, Nat, Group Luckyboard
Makeup: The Skinnery: Marni Lipstick 6, gacha
Head Band: CreamSH: Neko Mimi, Pink, Clover Town gift
Sneakers: Petite Mort: Pink Floral Chucks
Bag: Swallow: Stereo  Vintage, Winter Trend gift
Pet: D-Lab: Penguin, Group Gift
Eyes: Gaeline Creations : After Storm, Gold M, Enchantment Hunt
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body, Lara

Pose: Bang: Fairy 2, Enchantment Hunt

Location: Countryside
Windlight: Region

(Posted by Alana)

December 1, 2015


Kind of a dark picture, but I was feeling this way today, as winter is here and it gets dark early.

Outfit details:

Jeans: Aca: Mesh, Grey
Boots: Aca: Leathers, Men's, Black
Cardigan: Gizza: October Group Gift, Men, new group!
Hair: Speakeasy: Tanner, browns, hairbase black,
Eyes: Inkheart: Dream, Soft Gold, Advent 10 (Thanks InkHeart!)
Skin: 7 Deadly Skins: Marcus noHB skin, group luckyboard
Mesh body: The Mesh Project (BETA) Deluxe Body
Shape: By Jensen

Pose: Posel: Male Posepack ~2, Sad November

Location: New Babbage - The Steampunk City, Babbage Square
Windlight: region setting

(Posted by Jensen)