December 19, 2015

Thank you

Thank you all for a great year 2015!

Outfit details:


Eyes: Mayfly: Luminous, Mesh, Olive Hazel Shadow, Wayward Events Group Gift
Hair: EnVogue: Beatrice, Ombre, old C88
Gown: Just Darling: Yule Gown, Red, The Instruments
Skin: Belleza: Ria SK, Makeup 2 Bl, Red Lip, old FLF
Body: Maitreya Mesh Body, Lara


Gown: Designs by Isaura: Dinkies Mrs Santa
Hair: Lamb: Baby Blue
Tail: Sinful Needs: SN Mesh Tail, Fluffy, Bare v1,00b
Head: CABS: Black fox tiny avatar
Body:  Tiny Inc.: 5 Dinkies black kitty mesh avatar
Jaw: Kinzart Kreetures: kzk_fox_shblack


Boots: Giomen: Boots Red
Jacket: K: Casual Jacket Homme Red
Pants: K: Loose Fit Skinny Homme Red
Eyes: Adjunct: N&O, Forrest
Skin: Egoisme: Evian, Luca Medium Skin
Mesh body: The Mesh Project (BETA) Deluxe Body
Shape: By Jensen


Exposeur: Trying To Hold On
oOo Studio: Rainy: Four

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