December 24, 2015

At the very last minute

If you are like me, you do a lot of the Holiday stuff at the very last minute.
I usually end up doing something like the awesome DAD item from Christmas on 34th Street: Just going "fuck it" and leaving the lights tangled in a pile.
I will update details on where to get the stuff, when I have time, probably in several takes.

Have a lovely peaceful weekend.

Decor details:

Jian: Clingy White Kitten, gacha, Winter Gacha Festival
Jian: Taradha Lights, Winter Gift x3 Hanging
Hextraordinary: Fat White Squirrel Raider, RARE, gacha, The Mid Winter Fair
MishMish: Bunny/puppy in a box, baubles, carrot, bone, yarn, Christmas Ornaments, gacha, , O Tannebaum  (Thanks Aime!)
Schadenfreude: Cat, hedgehog, Catmas ornaments, gacha, O Tannebaum
Silent Sparrow: Owl, Felt bird ornaments, O Tannebaum
Silentsparrow: Felt Ornaments, Zilla, Pepper, Zilla, Snuggle
Vespertine: Dala horse, red 14, Thrift Store Ornaments, O Tannebaum
Botanical: Green Douglas Fir Christmas Tree, O Tannebaum
Ohmai: Gold Star Topper, gacha, O Tannebaum
Ohmai: Pigpunzel Softtoy, gift at store
ANC LTD: Glass ornament with poses, gacha, O Tannebaum
Anc: Polar Stump Chair, We <3 RP gift
Tableau Vivant: Xmas flakes 1, We <3 RP gift
Fuubutsu Dou: Winter Stepping Stones, We <3 RP gift
Broken Style: Snow Queen Music Box Globe
MayCreations/Wild Bunneh Gear: Flower blue, Xmas Ornament Gacha, hand drawn illustrations!
Half Deer: Stringlight Clutter, Fifty Linden Fridays (old)
Half-Deer: Cozy Cat (if I fits, I sits), Brown Tabby, C88
Nomad: Scandinavian Cottage,Yellow, C88
Silentsparrow: Felt Ornaments, Zilla, Bright, Fifty Linden Fridays (old)
Christmas on 34th Street
Apple Fall: Farrow Wall Kit, Seasonal, group gift at Wayward Market
Wayward Events: 2015 VIP Ornament, Red, group gift at Wayward Market
Hive: Snowflake sign, group gift at Wayward Market
Newchurch: Christmas Driftwood Tealights
Alouette: Christmas Deer Ornament, The Arcade 2014 Gift
Zerkalo: Christmas Ornament, Arcade Christmas Gift 2015
Atomic: Into The Woods, Critter Pillow 2, Tree Stump Seat, gacha, The Arcade
What Next: Flakey the Snowman, Black Winter Mailbox, Home For The Holidays, gacha, The Arcade
D-lab: Lizail Piccoli Dolls, gacha, The Arcade
The Secret Store: Winter Foxes, Gift (name of item, not a free gift), White, gacha, The Arcade
Xin: Shiki husky (baby it's cold outside), gacha, The Arcade
Omen: Waiting for Santa Paws: Dream Pup, RARE
unKindness: Yarn Puff Holiday Wreath
Balaclava: Happy Get Lucky Ornament, Red
Nefarious Inventions: Gothic Ornaments #8, #5
Boudoir: Christmas Berries Door Wreath
Floorplan: Minimalist Tree, The Chapter Four
Silvery K.: Christmas tree, Mesh_C, White, Creator's Collection Box
The Loft: Geometric Garland
Tool Shed EXT: Twinkle Tree, Square, Cosmopolitan
Razzberry Inc.: Lighted Branches, Silver

Windlight: Phototools: Angles Light 01

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