September 28, 2015

Halloween Crypt

I went to the house and garden demo skybox at Cosmopolitan event and wanted to check out this build by Construct that was there. It turned out to be a pretty cool Halloween Crypt, which includes decorated (50LI) and plain (33LI) versions. You can also buy  the animated items: Skeleton with Torch,  Everlasting Love, and DJ Scratch Halloween. There is a free skull candle holder available, too. This is a birthday round of Cosmopolitan, so there were some gifts you could get if you were in the group, and a couple that you got without group.

Climb on the roof and then down the hatch.
The hallway of the crypt is great for decorating.
You can by the items or whole set off the wall.
Skeletons light your entry to the ballroom.
The noms looked a bit unsafe.
This is an authentic vintage dj.
The ballroom has enough space for a party.
The Construct stand in the main event floor.

September 27, 2015

Sweet Fall


Tables, food: MishMish: Sweet Fall Table Set, Little Jam Companion, Uber (Thanks Aime!)
Seats: Floorplan: Lazy pallet, It's log!, Uber
Toy: Kalopsia: Deer Pul Along Toy, Lost and Found
Background: llorisen: Estivo pergola, natural & white

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September 26, 2015

Pop-Up Art Park

Here is a really special treat for you all. It is the Pop-Up Art Park, by Derry McMahon and Bear Silvershade, at Bay City. It is open for one more week, so go before it is too late. They are only doing a two week stint, as the name of the exhibit implies, and one week has flown by already.

Both artists have their own recognizable style and so much talent. Bear Silvershade uses his imagination and photojournalist skills in creating mysterious, full of feeling images, often in black and white. I have heard him narrating stories in Raglan Shire and according to his artist profile, he does that regularly at Seanchai Library, where Derry is Librarian Emeritus.

Derry makes already lovely scenes look even more special with her keen eye for lighting and detail. Many of her pictures are likely to make you feel good, or feel something deeper in any case than just pleasantness of a nice image. She is showcasing her art at the famous art sim Avalon and is a great narrator, like Bear.

She and I share a space at Raglan Tree Gallery, open until end of this month, still. Bear and Derry both have participated in the popular Raglan Shire Art Walk and have some art on display at Heron Shire, next sim over.

I of course checked the noms
Dreamy spot for relaxing and you wake up to art!
I love a nice bench to sit and nom my packed lunch on.

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Cake! And for a great cause!

I went to the Meshopotamia to check out their newest releases and found all these cakes! This reminded me that there is a special cake sale happening right now, until Friday 2nd of October, 2015.

I unfortunately missed the party yesterday 25th, "the Biggest Coffee Morning in the World!" in support of Macmillan Cancer Support in the UK. How can a cake fox miss out on a cake party? Well by remembering the date wrong. They had music and live performances at an event at the Prim Perfect Headquarters. Among the instances offering entertainment were The Night Theater, Designing Worlds and Radio Riel.

But all is not lost if you too missed out on the party. (Sorry about this late reporting!) They are selling amazing cakes until October 2nd, with the proceeds going to the charity. Every spot to get cake from also has a big drink cup for donations. Like people in the UK do every September, Second life residents are holding cake parties in their homes, places of work, etc. Selling cakes and including the recipy so that you can make your own in the future sounds like a lovely way to support an important cause!

You can help by going over to Prim Perfect and donating, buying cake and inviting friends to do same. If you spot these cake tables elsewhere on the grid, tell people about it! Next year I hope to be more on time with my participation. But at least we can still buy cake! Mmmmm cake!

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September 3, 2015

Happy Hammies and New BMI

Today I wanted to do a blog post about the new location of Black Magnolia Imports. And these little MishMish hammies signed up to do some modeling for me.

These helpful hammies will win your heart.
The little sleeping hammie breaths while sleeping, so cute!
The new BMI store looks fantastic.
New releases are on sale! What a great offer!
Check out the group gifts, sales and freebies. 
The new store design allows for easy access to all products.
Textures are logically arranged
There is plenty of room upstairs for the inventory to grow. 
You can still find some of the non-fp merchandise, furniture for example.

Product details:


Hammies in the Bathroom | Decor
L$50 per play • 14 to collect (2 rare)
Perms: Modify/Transfer
Mesh: 100% Mesh
Land Impact: 1-2

• Weight Scale is pose on sit and texture change
• Slippers are animated mesh
• Designer Verified: Retired after September 2015

Visit Mish Mish at The Arcade

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