September 26, 2015

Pop-Up Art Park

Here is a really special treat for you all. It is the Pop-Up Art Park, by Derry McMahon and Bear Silvershade, at Bay City. It is open for one more week, so go before it is too late. They are only doing a two week stint, as the name of the exhibit implies, and one week has flown by already.

Both artists have their own recognizable style and so much talent. Bear Silvershade uses his imagination and photojournalist skills in creating mysterious, full of feeling images, often in black and white. I have heard him narrating stories in Raglan Shire and according to his artist profile, he does that regularly at Seanchai Library, where Derry is Librarian Emeritus.

Derry makes already lovely scenes look even more special with her keen eye for lighting and detail. Many of her pictures are likely to make you feel good, or feel something deeper in any case than just pleasantness of a nice image. She is showcasing her art at the famous art sim Avalon and is a great narrator, like Bear.

She and I share a space at Raglan Tree Gallery, open until end of this month, still. Bear and Derry both have participated in the popular Raglan Shire Art Walk and have some art on display at Heron Shire, next sim over.

I of course checked the noms
Dreamy spot for relaxing and you wake up to art!
I love a nice bench to sit and nom my packed lunch on.

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