September 28, 2015

Halloween Crypt

I went to the house and garden demo skybox at Cosmopolitan event and wanted to check out this build by Construct that was there. It turned out to be a pretty cool Halloween Crypt, which includes decorated (50LI) and plain (33LI) versions. You can also buy  the animated items: Skeleton with Torch,  Everlasting Love, and DJ Scratch Halloween. There is a free skull candle holder available, too. This is a birthday round of Cosmopolitan, so there were some gifts you could get if you were in the group, and a couple that you got without group.

Climb on the roof and then down the hatch.
The hallway of the crypt is great for decorating.
You can by the items or whole set off the wall.
Skeletons light your entry to the ballroom.
The noms looked a bit unsafe.
This is an authentic vintage dj.
The ballroom has enough space for a party.
The Construct stand in the main event floor.

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