September 26, 2015

Cake! And for a great cause!

I went to the Meshopotamia to check out their newest releases and found all these cakes! This reminded me that there is a special cake sale happening right now, until Friday 2nd of October, 2015.

I unfortunately missed the party yesterday 25th, "the Biggest Coffee Morning in the World!" in support of Macmillan Cancer Support in the UK. How can a cake fox miss out on a cake party? Well by remembering the date wrong. They had music and live performances at an event at the Prim Perfect Headquarters. Among the instances offering entertainment were The Night Theater, Designing Worlds and Radio Riel.

But all is not lost if you too missed out on the party. (Sorry about this late reporting!) They are selling amazing cakes until October 2nd, with the proceeds going to the charity. Every spot to get cake from also has a big drink cup for donations. Like people in the UK do every September, Second life residents are holding cake parties in their homes, places of work, etc. Selling cakes and including the recipy so that you can make your own in the future sounds like a lovely way to support an important cause!

You can help by going over to Prim Perfect and donating, buying cake and inviting friends to do same. If you spot these cake tables elsewhere on the grid, tell people about it! Next year I hope to be more on time with my participation. But at least we can still buy cake! Mmmmm cake!

(Posted by Pieni)

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  1. I hope you're enjoying your cakes!

    Thank you for writing this up!