August 30, 2014

Not Resting on My Laurels

Outfit details:

Pants: Lapoint&Bastchild: Zipp Women's Leather Pants, Color Set, several colors in hud. I love these pants! They look good and are versatile. The shine is perfect.
Crown: Yummy: Golden Laurel Leaf Crown, C88
Top: Boom: Athena, Dandelion, C88
Hair: Clawtooth: Aphrodite, Classic Brunette, Captivating Brunettes Pack, C88
Sandals: Noodles: Hermes, Gold, C88
Eyes: Gauze: Elemental, Mesh, Natura, Human (Demon, Human, Hybrid options) (Thanks Yukio!)
Nails: Alaskametro: Midnight, Slink manicure/pedicure, 10L MP
Skin: Cstar Limited: 5th Anniversary, Neutral, store hunt
Hands and feet: Slink: AvEnhance Natural Bare Feet, Female,  Mesh Hands Casual

Pose: Lalochezias & Gallimaufry: Keen, old FLF

MishMish: Little Pan, C88 (Anniversary theme: Odyssey) (Thanks Aime!)

Location: Matoluta Sanctuary ("dedicated to the preservation of the Spanish Colonial Horse")

August 17, 2014

Then walk right out to the fourline track

Outfit details:

Skin: Lumae: Delphine, Tone 7, Truffle, Bare, Lazy Sunday
Nailpolish: Flair: Set 220 GI, My Slink Obsession
Shorts and undershirt: Peachy: Queen of Hearts, Red Queen's Card hunt
Hair: Pr!tty: Zoey, Brunette, Cupcakes Anonymous hunt
Sandals: Emporium: #05, Friends Designers Hunt
Shirt: Emporium: #4, FDH
Eyes: InkHeart: Doll Eyes, Brown, Tone 2 (Thanks InkHeart!)
Hands and feet: Slink: AvEnhance Feet, Female, High, Mesh Hands Casual

Pose: oOo Studio: Travelogue 6, FLF

Location: The Duran Duran Universe, Khanada Dancette
This is a sim cluster owned by the band Duran Duran. Yes they really own it. They have even had live shows there.

August 16, 2014

Take it to the end of the line

Outfit details:

Skin: Style by Kira: Anton, Silver Platter Hunt
Shirt: Marcelo Antonioli: Long Sleeve Shirt, fi*Fridays
Sandals: Pure Poison: Max Sandals, for Slink flat feet, Fifty Linden Fridays
Eyes: Song: Chibi, Cold Grey, NP, Kustom9
Hair: Mina: Jett, Brett, Essentials, Kustom9
Pants: Gizza: 4rd Anniversary Group Gift
Piercing: ASS deLuxe: Wrark, The Blues Hunt
Tattoo: Reckless: Mazie, Faded, Slink, The Blues Hunt
Hands: Slink: AvEnhance, Male, Relax
Feet: Slink:  AvEnhance, Male, Flat

Pose: Sari-Sari: Casual 1, 20L at Kustom9 sim, cheapies

Location: Luxembourg City

August 10, 2014

Into The Deep

Outfit details:

Dress&Collar: MV: She, Magenta, gloves included, 60 L WE
Ring: Eclectica: Solaria, gold and silver (bracelets, earrings, rings), 60 L WE
Nail Polish: Crebain: Black Lacey, 4, 60L WE
Hair: Damselfly: Melissa, Rigged-Mesh, Light Reds, The Liaison Collaborative
Heels: Pure Poison: Dangerina for SLINK Medium, The Liaison Collaborative
Skin: Atomic: Song, HeartStrings, Double Pack 3, The Chapter Four
Chihuahua: Alchemy/Birdy: Chi Chi, Spike, Tan, The Chapter Four
Tights: Cannibelle: Corset Seam Tights, My Slink Obsession
Eyes: Mayfly: Liquid Light, mocha, 5/29/2014, Fab Free, freebie
Bracelet: Promagic: Kada, gold, Aloha Fair 1L$ gift
Hands and feet: Slink: AvEnhance Feet, Female, Mid, Mesh Hands Casual

Pose: Marukin: Poppy, summer dreaming, old C88 

Location: Abyss, Journey into the Deep. 
"Museum/ Aquarium of Earth & Ocean Science, Marine Life, Underwater Technology & Sense of Wonder in SciLands. Deep submersibles, Whales, Coral reef, kelp forest, Earth Simulator (Supercomputer), Reseach ship, Diving, Jules Verne's Nautilus".

August 6, 2014

If You Wait

Outfit details:

Shirt: Fe Style: Tartan BG11
Skin: WoW: Jason Dark Tan 6, VIP lucky board (350L$ join)
Hair: Damselfly: Miles Non-Rigged Mesh, Mixed, The Blues Hunt
Shoes: Duh: Linen Sneakers, Dirty, The Blues Hunt
Tattoo: Identity Body Shop: Owl Stra, for SLink hands, The Blues Hunt
Jeans: Redgrave: Leather Jeans+Belt, Batik, The Mens Dept.
Eyes: ID: Eternity, Sample in group, The Mens Dept.
Hands: Slink: AvEnhance, Male, Relax

Pose: Ilaya: Gustavo, 1, The Blues Hunt

The Blues Hunt: images / SLurls and hints

Location: Gallerie Jouvenet, Vaan Artis: Vaantastic Art until August 29th.

(Posted by Jensen)

August 4, 2014

Dream a Little Dream

Outfit details:

Skin: Panda Punx: Kinomi Natural August 2014, with appliers, group gift (found via this blog)
Dress: C'est la vie: Stella, pink, mesh
Hair: Ayashi: Taura, Cupcakes Anonymous Hunt
Shoes: Koi Koi: Booties, free gift
Feet Jewelry: Haste: Summer Feet Jewelry, Hot Pink, old OMGacha
Necklace: Izzie's: Pearl, Full Pack, Clearout Package 2, 10 L
Clutch: Izzie's: Rose, Clearout Package 2, 10 L
Bangles: Izzie's: Silver Pack, Clearout Package 1, 10 L
Eyes: Inkheart: Glimmer, Specials I, Lumiere
Hands and feet: Slink: AvEnhance Feet, Female, Mid, Mesh Hands Casual

Pose: oOo Studio: Travelogue 5, FLF


Wall piece: Seven Emporium: Heart Marquee, old FLF
Chair: Soy: Connection dream, The Dreamers Factory

August 3, 2014

When things are falling apart

 Outfit details:

Dress: Social Vintage: Strapless Little Black Dress, Group Gift (get it quick, last day)
Bag: The one the dress came in. Love the style of this store!
Necklace: Izzie's: Camera, gold purple
Skin: Essences: Linka, dark brown, TDRF
Eyes: InkHeart: Doll, Brown Sugar (Thanks InkHeart!)
Shoes: Essenz: Toronto, Brown, old Cosmo
Hair: Tram: D427, classic, black & jet black, old C88
Hands and feet: Slink: AvEnhance Feet, Female, Mid, Mesh Hands Casual

Location: Ruin City is a pro-apocalyptic city inspired by and based on a 3D short film. It was created for lovers of all types of vehicles, but especially motorcycles. In many ways it reminded me of pictures I have seen of Chernobyl today (the nuclear accident was in 1986). (Description based on land info).

August 1, 2014


Four years in SL. Still feel like a newcomer in some ways. Always finding new things to find out more about. I have blogged since I started. Blogs have come and gone but the need to blog has remained. I build and create so much now that I can no longer blog daily. I have found friends that are so dear to me, that they have become family. Anywhere where there are people, there is going to be drama and bad things, too. But all in all being in the virtual worlds has been a great experience. I look forward to four more years. And beyond that.

Outfit details:

Skirt: Valentina E.: Celine Pencil Skirt, Silver, Fifty Linden Fridays
Sandals: Boom: Halcyon, Rose, FLF
Skin: Belleza: Bella, Tan, Dk, FLF
Hair Accessory: Delirium Style: Hibiscus, Aloha Fair 1L$ gift
Corset: Drift: Pussycat, Satin Set, mesh, TDRF
Eyes: Shy Girls: free
Hair: Liquence: F7 in Light Browns
Hands and feet: Slink: AvEnhance Feet, Female, Mid, Mesh Hands Casual

Pose: oOo Studio: Travelogue 5, FLF

Location: Amazon River (adult)