April 30, 2016

Visions of Hope 2016

Hope Haven is a place for cancer support group meetings, and they have a Relay for Life SL team called Hope Haven Heroes, which famously did a successful art auction last year as part of their charity effort. I blogged it at the time, and was happy to hear that there is one again, starting today.

Organized by Ricco Saenz and Randy Firebrand, Visions of Hope 2016 is a month long art auction and exhibit in benefit of the Relay for Life of SL. The opening party is today, Saturday 30th of April, at 4pm SLT. The bidding starts then, and runs until May 30th, after which the winners of each piece will be announced.

Sixteen artists have donated their works for the cause: Bijou, Boudicca Amat Ciottolina Xue, d-oo-b, Dru G. Eiren-Milneaux, Em Larsson, Hills, Inara Pey, Mareea Farrasco, Nikolai Warden, Proph, Pusher, Randy Firebrand, Ricco Saenz, Tomais Ashdene, Trinity Yazimoto and Ziki Questi.
If you wish to see more art by each of them, the blog post by Ricco Saenz lists their websites through each of the names.

PS. The sim is rated adult.

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