March 21, 2016


I have been wanting to show you all these cute things for a while now. Only so much can fit in a picture, make sure to note that most of these packs have a lot of other stuff in them, too. The MishMish gacha items are very varied. You get avatars, headdresses, companions, rezzable animals etc. The Jian ducks come in male and female mallard color options, and white, same with ducklings.

Path and grass: MishMish: Path to Spring, Spring Grass, C88
Birds, birdhouse, deers, mole: MishMish: Spring Friends, The Arcade
Tree: Jian: Dryad Hideaway, We <3 RP
Bush: Jian: Hydrangea Bush
Ground: Jian: Floating Islands, Large
Duck and Duckling: Jian: Duck Family
Bird Bath: Jian: Yusri, Birdy (Robin)

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