March 8, 2016

Steampunk Hunt takes you to the realms of the deep

I wanted to blog The Steam Hunt XI and take some pictures for you while I was at it. Unfortunately I could not include every stop, as the hunt has almost hundred stores participating, some with their own mini hunts included.What I found really interesting were the locations: so many cool sims and so much creativity. I recommend you go take a look at these places even if you are not into hunting. Click the hunt name to see some tips on where you might want to visit, if not doing the whole hunt.

I saw this partly as a chance to practice taking Second Life photographs. I used the Immersiva Grey Dust windlight by Bryn Oh (with some changes to the light direction). So the locations will not all be the same hue like this when you visit. I had just seen a video by Strawberry Singh with some tips on how to make your pictures better. Her videos are great for many skills in SL!

We start our adventure at the Steampunk Information Centre in Mieville Doyle. Hope you like the post! Thanks to Minie and Kimly for posing and to many other friends for keeping me company during this project. It took me much longer than I thought. Let me know if I made any mistakes.

Lantian/Flox (Plate of Mer Gear Donuts with Kelp Sprinkles)

Brain Circuit, Inc (Stranger of the Deep outfits male/female)

Dragon Magick Wares (Steam Aquatica)

Steaming Ahead (SA Treasure Chest 9Li)

Rag Dollz (Steampunk Merfolk)

Timeless Textures (14 Seamless or Alpha Maritime Metal)

Casa de Bebe (Capt Nemo's Table)

Epic Toy Factory (Deep Sea Bubble Wreck)

Hearth & Home (Undersea Curiosity Ottoman & Porthole)

Classic Accessories (Framed Art Three Panels Kraken Panels Sepia)

HOT Couture (Animated Cog for single & Couple)

Lindy Modern & Retro Shoes (Lindy Nemo Brown, Lindy Sonya Green)

Park Place Home Decor (Realms of the Deep Library Cabinet)

Entity/E-mesh (Royal couch)

Destiny's Designs (Steampunk Winter Outfits male and female)

Cog & Fleur (Rusty Porthole - 4 styles)

Black Magnolia Imports (Rolling in the Deep for Steam XI)

Kismet (Toxic Fish Fountain)

MTD Designs (Chair-Mesh)

Grim Bros (Radio Days - unisex tophat)

Pierre Ceriano (Nemo desk - 7 LI )

The Land of Nodd (BB-1 Companion Droid)

Curious Seamstress (Scott Joplin - Pine Apple Rag)

Impertinences (Little gazebo)

Olde Panda Panda Store (Steampunk mesh gramaphone v2 in front in the store picture)

Noctis (Nautilus Sofa Ocean)

Sweet Sorrows (Stranded Dreams)

Willow (Treasure blue leather necklace w/ larimar stone)

Spyralle (Undersea Helmet)

LilArt Creation (Linen Deep Sea)

Chaos, Panic, & Disorder (Octopoda Cravat)

Mountain Rose has a 16 stop mini hunt!

Arcadia Asylum Library & Freebie Center has a really cool mini hunt on their sim and it is well worth doing. It is not too difficult, either. I loved the story of their clues, and their gifts are so generous: 􀀛􀀛Marine Research Lab & Skybox, plus extra gifts on hint cards such as the pet lobster Butters and a Mer Battle Armor kit.

I got these two pictures from a notecard from Briony Juran, thank you!

There is also a great minihunt by the dark roleplay sim NeoVictoria with five gifts. They have the hunt in their skymall and OOC areas so everyone can go.

The hunt ends at Hyborean Steam Platform, where you can vote for your favorite stores. (Kraken chair by Sweet Sorrows)

A very small portion of the hunt gifts

EBDesign (Steampunk submarine tiles)
Les Arts de Saint-Bruno (N.C. Wyeth paintings for Scribner's 1918 illustrated edition of "The Mysterious Island," by Jules Verne)
Texture Junction (Steampunk Mermaid Texture Kit)
The Rug Shop (Mermaid in kelp, Steam hunt goodies)
Villa Baci (lu-steamtypepunk)

(Posted by Pieni)