October 31, 2015

Where to go for Halloween?

Where to go for Halloween? I have a few suggestions.

Amazing decorations at the Lake side Haunted Ball. The place was packed when I left.

Lake side - Haunted Ball, Pine Valley Lake
Today Saturday 31st 1-5pm

1 -2 pm Inchino Melson LIVE on stage
2- 3.30 pm slt DJ Kahvy - Intan suggestions -BALLROOM
3.30- 5 pm slt Campy Fun CLUB Tunes Smithboys Style
Hosted by Garrett & Kimly
Covered by JJ Goodman Event Photography
Costumed Ball - L$ 18000 in Raffle Prizes & More
21.00 - 1.00 CET Special Haunting at secret location

Phil's Halloween Party had some early visitors.

Phil's Halloween Party
This event started at Noon casually and Zho is currently playing tunes for us. The event will go on late into the night with several dj's taking turns.

Remember, VIP~ Gestures and Sundries ( and Phil's HideOut ) HALLOWEEN HUNT 2015 is also still open, and will be for the first week of November. The link goes to my blog post about it, which has more details.

Club Amarantha has an event called "A Touch of Pink for Halloween" today at 5pm SLT.  If you add some pink to your outfit, you are good to go for the theme, the outfit does not have to be completely pink. This is a charity event for Making Strides Against Breast Cancer.

If you did not yet, make sure to pop by Whitechapel, the Halloween Maze by Badger Albatros. You get there by the left magic door at the Amarantha landing pier. I blogged it with a lot of pictures and a silly poem.

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