October 11, 2015

Welcome to Whitechapel

I visited the new halloween maze by Badger Albatros, who makes them every year.
I took a lot of pictures and am publishing them here with permission. If you wish to avoid spoilers, go visit first and read this afterwards, to see if we saw the same things.

I really loved this experience. Even though some of the mace was way too creepy for my tastes.

And to those who have phobias, I would stay clear, if you are afraid of (SPOILER) spiders, clowns or gore.

Left magic door at Club Amarantha pier..
You shall find your way in easy enough
If you have trouble with lights, be careful, here.
Bring a friend or it might get a bit too rough.

Off I go, running to the great unknown
Badger surprises me by showing his face.
Sitting in the movie theatre quite alone.
He is the evil mind behind this maze.

Speaking of faces, this one is creepy
No wonder it's hidden under the hood
And behind the corner I find a girl weepy
I am certain that she is just missunderstood.

She runs off so I move on to the church
I want to make sure they are not under siege
"Hey this is not a place for monsters to lurch!
You are not welcome, go back to your liege!"

And what is this thin guy trying to say?
I think he must have been
just idly moaning.
"Look out for the Gerberus!" "Bah go away!"
Not afraid of puppies, I move along, groaning.

Graveyard is messy. Safety hazard for sure.
I am looking for a place to leave a complaint.
These girls that chase me are beyond a cure.
Don't look at their scalp, or you might faint.

I tell Jack to burn that hideous wrap.
He does not want to learn from a stylish fox.
Instead he sends me to a clockwork trap.
"Get back here, let me out of this box!"

Once out I try all these machinery things.
I wonder what might all these levers do?
Found a store that only sells cogs and springs.
"What useless business plan have you?"

Funpark nearby makes me try my fluke.
I even win a shark from that rodeo ride.
But all this motion makes me want to puke.
This golden boat's maker just better hide!

Now I am mad enough to whack some goons.
I want to give these pirates a lesson or twenty
The wheel of fortune refuses me it's heirlooms.
Well that was just a penny, I still have plenty.

The carousel had turtles, that one I liked.
But the calm before the storm was very short
Failing at bear claws, my blood pressure spiked.
And here I had thought this my last resort.

The sassy weight machine tries to be funny.
It says I am eating way too much cake.
I must tell you I am not feeling too sunny.
"I am a cake fox, your results are fake!"

"Keep giggling clown", I say with a frown.
"I am not in the mood to have this dance with you".
Maybe a magazine might calm me down?
Oh this one is old and this one has no clue.

Why is that angel there reaching for me?
What kind of a place are they guarding from us?
"Hey I watch Dr Who, time to flee!"
Better safe than sorry. It might cause a fuss.

Inside the house there is darkness and gloom
And someone is printing these dotty discs.
I confront Jack predicting his doom.
Instead of running, this weird cloud he whisks.
I run upstairs, fast, dark corridor awaits.
What horrors do I see, when I open the door?
This disgusting clown his victims berates
I escape not wanting to see this anymore.

I guess I know now, where the girls came from.
Someone was experimenting with their head and skull.
That awful clown could do this out of sheer boredom.
 I guess an evil entity might find this place dull.

A green faced creeper tried to scare me just now.
It must have been a joke, that attempt was just lame.
I enter a room not really knowing how
These spiders knew to fall as soon as I came?

Wondering whose lab this is, I make my way across.
Old papers on a table and more signs of creepiness.
"Who works here, and who might be their boss?"
Then again, maybe I should ask questions less.
In the darkest corner of a room very dusty
Lives a huge spider his moments very last.
Does he even know that the hinges are rusty?
No matter, fox is here, and oh so very fast.

(Posted by Pieni)

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