October 22, 2015

Galleria Kakku Halloween Hunt Maze 2015 benefits Free2Luv.org 100%

I have been working on this project night and day, for well over a week, and I have to say getting donations, in form of prizes and artwork to sell for the cause, was a big boost for my motivation. I truly appreciate everyone's help. I can not wait to hear how you like the maze. Message Pieni inworld to let me know if you take pictures or blog the maze. Thanks!

Galleria Kakku Halloween Hunt Maze 2015 benefits Free2Luv.org 100% and is open 21st-31st October. Hunt gifts are 2L$each and the money goes to charity via script. The event was organized in agreement with the official SL avatar for the charity: Free2Luv Resident.

Hunt prizes include donation items by MayCreations, Instincta Van Helsinki, Rainbow Tinies, and VIP gestures and sundries. The rest of the prizes were made by Galleria Kakku owner Pieni, who also owns the store Cake Fox, which is currently on hiatus.

You can buy art at the hunt starting point, with 100% of proceeds going to the charity. The artworks were generously donated by James Jouvenet, Barcelona Heart and Instincta Van Helsinki.

More details on the hunt in the Galleria Kakku blog post.

(Posted by Pieni)


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  2. Thanks so much for rockin' LUV and kindness with us! We wish you much success and thank you for standing with us to empower youth, celebrate individuality and stand up to bullying! http://free2luv.org