October 27, 2015

Phil's Haunted Maze

For those who like the spookier side of Halloween, VIP~ Gestures and Sundries ( and Phil's HideOut ) HALLOWEEN HUNT 2015 will be the answer! I may have inside information about one of the creators being scared of going in the maze herself! lol.
Definitely worth a visit. Or seven.

The hunt has gifts by VIP Gestures and Sundries, as well as donated ones by Cake Fox, The Random Fae and Twisted Tanks. (Auxiliary property donated by Kam Carson of BHB RENTALS).

15 free gift pumpkins are located all over the haunted maze and there is even one final bonus pumpkin, if you follow the final destination TP at the end of the maze. I found most of them, but they were pretty sneaky with the hiding places. Which is what you want from a free hunt in a cool maze.

The hunt is completely free, but you can donate, if you like, to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer pink kiosks.

If you like taking pictures in Second Life, this is a great spot to keep the landmark of. They do new sim designs regularly and always make things look extra good. I took some pictures for you but this is just one small bit of the huge area, you will have plenty to see when you get there!

Entry to the maze is via a magic door in the back wall of the club in the round ruins. The hunt will run through the first week of November and you can go any time until then.

The club will have a big party on Saturday 31st of October, starting from Noon SL time and continuing until late at night. Dj's will take turns entertaining people. You are encouraged to invite friends with you.

You can join VIP Gestures and Sundries group for free gifts and information on happenings at the location.

(Posted by Pieni)

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