August 10, 2015

We had a great opening party at the Raglan Tree Gallery

We had a great opening party for our exhibits at the Raglan Tree Gallery, yesterday, with Derry McMahon. So many people came, and showed their support. Keeba and her Tiny Maniacs performed extra well. We got some great feedback for our artworks, and it felt good seeing people take in the fruits of all our hard work. Thank you all so much!

My exhibit is called Felicity. It asks, what your idea of a paradise would be? You can take pictures of you and friends in front of the same backgrounds I used in my artwork. Or just enjoy the pictures I made and think about what you would see in your own happy place.

Derry is showcasing her amazing sheep pictures. They bring such joy to people and are excellent work throughout. I have always loved her art when I have seen it around SL. For example, she has been showcasing during Art Walk at Raglan Shire. I am so proud to share this gallery space with her!

Finally, I need to give a shout out to the awesome Panacea Pangaea, who is curating the Raglan Tree Gallery. She is such great help with set ups and gives so much support. Thank you so much, Pan!

Come and look around, the art is there for August and September, 2015.

Here are the pictures I took during the opening party. Click them for a closer look.

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