August 22, 2015

Cloudie with a chance of pawsome

Had to make an ex tempore post while visiting Kalopsia. "Wall Cup Lights" is really cool and it is great mesh for just 2 Li. It was still there on Saturday, even thought it was meant for Fifty Linden Fridays. Can not promise how long it will be available, though, so get there, fast. You have texture change options, and can turn lights on off in two partitions. And the couch on the right, "Brit's Loveseat - Patine", for Neighborhood is lovely. It seats two and is 4Li.

MishMish Cloudie Piggy is a companion for C88, and comes with a rezz option, as well. They have bunnies and cats, too.

My outfit:
Dress: Kamasa's: Dinkies Lizards Halter Dress
Shoes: Tiny Inc: Dinkies bow pumps ns - pink
Hair: Ploom: Madison, Candy

(Posted by: Pieni)

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