August 9, 2015

Annual Bristow August fashion show

Yesterday I had a great time at the Annual Bristow August fashion show!
Tinies and dinkies are not to be confused with child avatars. We are all grown ups. But there is a certain excited feel to our events, that is reminescent to a kindergarten dance resital or something similar. Everyone is nervous and the butterflies in tummies show as people running around confused or full of happy energy, or both. You can just feel the critters wanting to shine on stage and hear their frieds yell encouraging yays and "sashays".

This was a great event, organized once again by Bristow runner Snoodle Ashdene. I took as many pictures as I could. Tinies and dinkies are fast runners, so may not have caught everyone in every situation. But you can tell how pawsome it all was from these, I'm sure.

The daytime ones are from before show, taken during the practice run and while people were gathering in the backstage dressingroom. The night ones are from the show itself. And afterwards I took pictures at the Fashion Show Shop, where you can still buy things seen on the catwalk, today.

Excited tinies waiting backstage.

Our Glamorous Announcer Snoodle 


Models wearing show outfits on stage and off.

Designer: Daisy Gator
Store: Gator's Gallery & Bookstore
Models: Daisy, Gracie, Jaye, Sleepy, Linn
Outfits: Be Happy, Hippy Kaftan

Designer: Supergirl1970 Carver
Store: Tiny Wearables
Model: Supergirl1970 Carver
Outfit: Sweetheart Bunny

Designer: Snoodle Ashdene
Store: ForeverTiny
Models: Mistie Frostwych, Lala Lourbridge, Persiphone Karu
Outfits: Purple Trumpet, Furry Bohemian, Mist Ribbons

Designer: Pieni
Store: Cake Fox
Model: Rayray Mumfuzz
Colorful Outfit (tinies and dinkies versions)

Designer: Isaura Simons
Store: Designs by Isaura
Model: Shimmer
Outfit: Khaleesi Outfit and Dragon Queen Hair

Designer: Fiona Heartsong
Store: ~SugarPaws~
Models: Fanellopi, Miss Mattie
Outfits: Dinkie HouseKeeper, Dinkie Simply Elegant Gown


 Shopping after the show


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  1. Great snapshots! Somehow you've made Gator look even more beautiful! :D