November 3, 2014


Had to blog these cuties right away! They are so adorable! And the event is for a great cause. Listen up.

Xiasumi School Festival is a school themed shopping event designed to also help the Save the Children Charity. There is a Shrine area for products that benefit the charity, and they also have tipjars for it at the Shrine and at each of the designer areas.

Pictured here are the nommy items by MishMish. They are located at the food section.

• Takoyaki attachment with decor version included.
• Mochiboo attachment with decor version included. (3 colors available).
• Mochiboo animated mesh attachment follows your avatars walk and stand movement. (3 colors available)
• Attachable mount with moving legs as you walk (Kids, female, and male sizes included, 3 colors available).

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