November 13, 2014


So many foxes!

As you may know from the "About us" page, I am a mesh fox made by combining a dinkie body with a head, and tail from separate furry avatar kits. This is the look I find most suits my foxy self. My hair is also listed on the page.

Now I have a couple new friends to introduce to you. And a cool outfit.

Outfit details:

Shoes: FIN: Mary-Jane Shoes, Black
FIN: Fifties Blouse with Skirt and Stockings, Black


Fox on my head: Psycho Byts: Fox Black, (head, arm, shoulder, optional ao), Cirque De Seraphim
The fox by me: MishMish: Little Fox, (companion, decor, hold/red, black, brown), C88 (Thanks Aime!)

Location: Cirque De Seraphim

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