November 11, 2014

Haunted New Toulouse

New Toulouse land office / Haunted New Toulouse HQ

Read The Tattler - the sign says. Click to visit the sim website.

Haunted New Toulouse
November 1–22

Meet the ghosts of the city of New Toulouse, Louisiana, and the surrounding bayou! Collect your HUD at the starting point. Wearing your HUD, find all twenty ghosts, and hear their stories. When your HUD is completely filled, return to hunt HQ to collect your rewards.
This is such a cool hunt.You get to look around the sim, which is full of things to see and experience. And you get the cool stories of each ghost you meet on the way. And then you get to go to the prize room for some great goodies! For me the stories are the big ticket here, I love when people go above and beyond with the creativity and storytelling. Even if you do not feel like hunting, this sim is a great place to explore. There are so many historical details and goofy jokes everywhere. You can feel how much the residents love their sim.

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