April 22, 2014

The Inspiring Black Kite

I love exploring sims like Black Kite, where there is a lot to see, and everything is so visually apealing. This sim is like a work of art. The exciting details, and the way everything works together so well, form an experience, that is both tranquil and inspiring.

From the covenant one can read a little about the reasons for why the sim is kept open for public while it is residential. I recommend reading it as it also contains some important rules. People can rezz poses and such if they join the group and follow the instructions. This is very generous, as the sim is very photogenic and must be very popular among artists and bloggers.

If you want a quiet place to think or somewhere to take a friend for a chat, Black Kite offers several spots for relaxing. They also have a fully stocked café. Shoppers will be pleased, too, as there are a few lovely gachas and some other products available in one of the arbours.

(Posted by Pieni)

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