April 16, 2014

Chapter Four, a pleasant shopping experience

I went to see the Chapter Four sales event as I remembered it usually has quite a good selection. It has been featured in some great blog posts lately as well, such as this one by Nerd Finds, for example.

Having had stores of my own in SL, I am always interested to see, how designers make their vendor images, and how the store design is done.

The Chapter Four shopping skybox is gorgeous, so well designed and put together. The colors, the feel of things, the athmosphere, is lovely. I liked the nicely framed vendor images and the little stages under the displays. This store is designed to make shopping easy and pleasant.

What originally inspired me to take pictures and make a post was the framed image above the display by Moon. It looks like a piece of art that you might see in a gallery, yet the display and the image work well together and the shopper finds all the information they need quickly. I loved seeing that all the displays were done with similar care and knowhow.

For a shopper this place is heaven. I left with a huge pile of items. And there was a lot there for someone wanting to buy gifts as well, especially in the gacha section. I wholeheartedly recommend this shopping experience.

(Posted by Alana)

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