April 29, 2014


MishMish made these great products for the May's Enchantment event, which takes place May 1st to May 31th, 2014. Even the little parfume bottle the MishMish items are boxed in looks fantastic.

Item details:
MishMish: Sleeping Beauty Cabinets, Dark
MishMish: Sleeping Beauty Cabinets, Light
MishMish: Malevolent Avatar
MishMish: Malevolent to hug

Enchantment events are quarterly and focus on different fairy tales each round, this round being all about Sleeping Beauty. You go around the participating stores to collect stamp cards. Once you have all 20, you get to pick a prize at the event location. The participanting merchants also sell items made for the theme.

The SLurl of the event area is published when the event begins. Check the participating stores then for info: Peqe, The Annex, Junbug, Apsara, Lark, Unrepentant, Kalopsia, O.M.E.N., anc Ltd., Mina Hair, Luminary, Stitched, !Ohmai, tsg, !bang poses, MishMish, Violent Seduction, Tarnished, BOOM, Hopscotch.

The Enchantment stamp machine and sign.

By the way, update your landmarks, MishMish mainstore has moved!

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