February 23, 2015

Raglan Shire Mardi Gras 2015

(Video by Pyewacket)

Mexican Mardi Gras was a huge hit at Raglan Shire yesterday. The annual Mardi Gras parade was my first event as a tiny and I have gone every year since. It always reminds me why I am a tiny. It is full of fun, chaos, and friendship. Everyone can be themselves, in bright colors!

Everyone gets a copy of the float truck and gets to decorate it the way they wish to. I took mine apart and only kept the piece with the vehicle scripts. My floating mask was probably more to the creepy side, and not really Day of The Dead as much as Commedia dell'arte, but who cares, tinies do not. Hehe. 

The Parade started and ended at Silli cube, the popular Raglan sandbox. And we had a pawtee afterwards at the Mexican Mardi Gras Village, which will be around for a short while, still, with dj sets and dancing in the middle and shops with items by the Artisans of Raglan on the sides.

Check out Raglan Shire Events Calendar for future events and themes. 

(My Mardi Gras post from last year.)

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  1. This may be a dup post - I a stoopid raccoon!

    Pawsome post about a pawsome event. Yay 'n' stuff!