February 1, 2015

Home Sweet Home

House hunt is an inspiring look into what some of the best furniture and decor stores have been doing as of late. The prizes are well worth the 20 L$ hunt price, actually that is very low for any of these items. I ended up shopping at the stores a lot, and found this a great promo event for them. Click the link for hints and prize images.

Creators Collection Box is a great event with some really nice items. Many of the participating stores have items set for sale cheaper than normal prices. There are also gifts that you can get with the event group tag on.

Admittedly a bit of a crazy idea to put so many things in one picture, I just wanted to show you what great items I got from the hunt, the event, and the stores I visited.

Decor details:

22769 Bauwerk: Birdhouse in Your Soul Chair, HH
Alouette: Worn Wooden Armoire, HH
Aso: Hana ga Saku, CCB
Aso: Glass, CCB group gift
Casita: Arrow Endtable, HH
Casita: LoveWishDream Bottles, HH
Casita: XOXO Frame, HHCheeky Pea: Botanicals Console Table, HH
Circa Living: Cyprus Escape, Bench Room Set, Mediterra Mix, HH
Fancy Decor: Clavichord
Fancy Decor: Wire chair, HH
Floorplan: Hanging Crate Light, HH
La Petite Fleur: Knit stool B, CCB
Llorisen: Cushy bean bags, two versions, HH
No Concept: Wood Box, CCB group gift
Organica:  Waterfall 3, HH
RH: Japanese Tea set, CCB, cheapie 30L$
Striped Mocha: Winged loveseat, heart, HH
Tarte: Odds and end table, HH

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