March 12, 2015

Stop Discrimination Now

This picture is from the castle Pieni got from a very generous SL uncle, Dru. (If you are interested, the flag is a freebie for Pride from Apple Fall).

Had to make a post about a discrimination case that got our attention. A great blog post by Cryssie Carver explains how her friends, a couple who has worked as models for her blog, got told by a sim owner to dance at the back of the club, because "this is a hetero club". You can read more on the case here in the blog post by Cajsa Lilliehook. I assure you this club will not be getting promotional help from Heimo SL Blog any time soon.

As you may know, the whole team of Heimo SL Blog strongly supports equal rights. Discrimination is something LBGT people face every day but it should not be. Unfortunately it happens in Second Life just as in real life and often you end up finding out how little Linden Labs is able to or willing to do about it. So we will be following this case and hoping that some positive actions are taken to fix the situation.

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