October 12, 2014

The Tiny Ride of Horrors 2014

The Tiny Ride of Horrors 2014 made by the tinies of Raglan Shire, is great again this year! So many unexpected twists and turns, so many imaginative things to see. Everyone did a great job, worthy of the ride's 5th Anniversary!

I love the soundscape of the ride. And many of the spookiest things are not what you would normally think to find in a Halloween maze.

You land in a garden that is kind of like a pre-maze with the walls hiding spooky things. Find the door to the building you see. And there you will be met by your ghost host.

Ghost Host whispers: Ahhh visitors! I'll be there to let you in momentarily. Please set your lighting to midnight and make sure Sounds volume is set to maximum.

There is some history of tinies and the rides on the walls.

When you find the ride itself, sit down and keep mouselook on!
I myself made one of the rooms and had seen some of the design beforehand, yet was spooked and thrilled by the ride.

I managed to snap a picture with the ride organizer Xavian Starsider, who has done a great job again this year! Give him waffles, if you see him around.

Xavian made this cool credits poster:

(Companion by MishMish: Candlelish, free gift for Trunk and Treat 2014 opening Oct. 15th. Hold option available as well. Perfect companion for a scary dark maze. Light on off by click. Pie was wearing an outfit she made for dinkies, for her store Cake Fox, up for swag this weekend in her Raglan store. Xavian's clothes are by Druscilla's Whim).

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