September 28, 2014

Stop blinking already!

Halloween is the time of spooky and fun. And of course Halloween mazes! Here is a great one, by Badger Albatros, owner of Club Amarantha. He has built and constructed mazes every Halloween for years, now. And it shows. You can find a lot of details in his mazes, and his technical knowhow is definitely making the maze more fun.You get a lot of variety as well, so prepare to be shocked and awed.

Best way to get to the maze is to land at the normal Club Amarantha landing point, and then take the magic door on the left. The landing is a pier and you will see a big sign showing you, where to go. Click the door open, and then the sign inside it to teleport.

Someone has been holding their finger, or paw, on the fog machine.

The scarecrow is there to welcome you. But he is not very helpful. No hints on what is going to happen in the maze. Mostly he just says annoying stuff to get you in the right mood. By which I mean ready to slap ebil things.

I did not want to do too many spoilers, so not showing a whole lot of the surroundings in my pictures. But this is a good tip to have. When you get inside the building, sit in the black car. It will start moving and you will get to the first part of the maze, which is an automated ride.

Hold on to your hats! And what ever you do, Do Not Blink!

(Pie's outfit by Designs by Isaura, she has versions for different types of avatars, go for a look!)

(PS. Club Amarantha has events every day starting at 12 Noon SL time.)

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