July 22, 2014

This Sign of Actual Peril

"My sensations upon recognising this sign of actual peril were perhaps less rather than more tumultuous because of my previous vague fears. I had been, albeit without definite reason, instinctively on my guard—and that was to my advantage in the new and real crisis, whatever it might turn out to be. Nevertheless the change in the menace from vague premonition to immediate reality was a profound shock, and fell upon me with the force of a genuine blow. It never once occurred to me that the fumbling might be a mere mistake. Malign purpose was all I could think of, and I kept deathly quiet, awaiting the would-be intruder’s next move."

The Shadow Over Innsmouth
By H. P. Lovecraft

Outfit details:

Hair: Deco: Raked Up, coal
Top: Giomen: Formal Shirts w/ Tie, black, Cosmopolitan Sales Room
Skin and shape: 7 Deadly Skins: Erik, Bro couture
Boots: The Forge: Daerwen, Male, Worn Black
Eyes: ID: Natural, Spring, mesh and system, VIP Pack 7/15/2014
Nails: ASS: Boned, black, Slink appliers, 50% retirement sale upstairs until August 1st
Pants: Gizza: Leather Outfits, Group Gift
Hands: Slink: AvEnhance, Male, Relax

Pose: !bang homme: Stand 004 (Stands 000-009 175L$) 50% retirement sale until July 31st


Built by Darmin Darkes and BaileyMarie Princess, the dark Massachusetts, New England, Coastal Town  called Innsmouth, is loosely based on the mythos created by H.P. Lovecraft. It particularly takes inspiration from the locales in his novella "The Shadow over Innsmouth" and the short story "The Colour Out of Space".

(Windlight setting was the region default)

(Location idea from SLA Review)

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