May 20, 2014

For Sophie

World Goth Fair 2014 is here! This annual charity event is full of everything a goth, or someone who likes the style and subculture, might desire. And it is for a great cause. Sophie Lancaster Foundation was started in memory of an innocent young girl who was the victim of a brutal attack on her and her boyfriend and lost her life, all because of how they looked. Since Sophie's death on August 24th 2007, the foundation has worked tirelessly to promote acceptance. The event will run until 1st of June.

I went to get the dinkie dress by Tiny Bit Radikal. There are also tiny outfits and a dinkie male outfit is coming soon. All the Tiny Bit Radikal outfits are 100% donation items. There is also a gorgeous tiny dress that is an event exclusive! I am so proud of our Alex for doing this again, she works so hard but still takes time to do charity work. Good bunneh!

(Posted by Pieni)

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